Kyrie Irving On What Him, James Harden, And Kevin Durant Can Learn From His Big Three In Cleveland With LeBron James and Kevin Love

(via Bleacher Report)

Entering the 2021 NBA season, the Brooklyn Nets were cast with huge expectations. To most, the combined talents of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant were enough to win a Championship — and anything less was a disappointment.

After the trade for James Harden, however, expectations rose even higher, and it seems anything less than perfection is subject to scrutiny for these new-look Nets.

Nevertheless, Kyrie Irving isn’t sweating too much about it. Instead, he’s urging his squad to take a lesson from the past. Just a few years ago, Uncle Drew was aa apart of another “big three,” and they were able to walk away from it with a Chip.

In this situation, facing incredible pressure, the Nets guard wants to use his experience with the Cavs to help guide him to the light in 2021…

“It took resolve, compromise, sacrifice and communication for that team to work,” Irving said, per Kristian Winfield of the New York Daily News.

“We had a great collection of gamers, hoopers. So when we jelled, it was just playing the game the right way, and if we weren’t jelling, we were just trying to climb back out of things because we were just throwing our talent everywhere. We knew coming into every game that we had a great chance to win. It took time, and it took communication, so to your point, as I take you down memory lane, it just took a lot of resolve and honest communication.”

Right out of the gate, the Nets have had some issues. Between Kyrie’s strange and unexplained absence from the team to struggles on the court against the lowly Cleveland Cavaliers, it’s fair to say the new era for Brooklyn basketball has gotten off to a pretty rough start.

Nevertheless, with some resolve, compromise, sacrifice, and communication, this team can still turn things around for the better.