Labour TD blasts Leo Varadkar for 'stupid games' on social media

Labour's Aodhn Rordin has hit out at the Tnaiste Leo Varadkar for 'playing stupid games' on Twitter.

The Fine Gael leader has earlier posted a Tweet referencing Sinn Fein and the history behind the name of the party.

That riled the Labour Spokesperson for Education, who responded with:

''Jesus Christ. Im so tired of this.

''The country is deeply wounded and scared with a mountain of problems and youre playing more stupid political games.

''Please get out of your student politics mode and start working for the Irish people.''

Yesterday, Varadkar had warned that another lockdown could be required in January, after easing restrictions for the Christmas period.

He said that he hopes it will be shorter than the current 6-week level 5 restrictions in place to slow the spread of the second wave of COVID-19 in Ireland.

He said;

"I believe we should seek to ease restrictions next week but not so much that it requires it to return to Level 4 or 5 for a prolonged period in the New Year.

"A short third period of enhanced restrictions may well be necessary for January or February but we should try to avoid it being a prolonged one."

Tt came as health officials confirmed there had been six further deaths related to COVID-19 in Ireland.

This brings the current death toll to 2,028.

However, a further drop in cases has been seen, as 226 new cases were confirmed on Wednesday.