Leonardo DiCaprio Appears In New Video For Michelle Obama’s Voting Initiative

Leonardo DiCaprio is just one of many celebs to take part in Michelle Obama’s voting initiative as the former First Lady tries to increase voter participation for the 2020 election.

DiCaprio appears in one of the clips for the limited series, “Whose Vote Counts, Explained”.

“In 1776, voting was a privilege, almost exclusively for white men with property,” the actor says according to People.

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“In the founding constitution, you will not find the right to vote. This right to vote has been a battlefield in American democracy,” adds a woman.

“If your vote didn’t matter, why the hell are so many systems and people trying so hard to prevent you from voting?” another man continues.

“All of us may have been created equal. But we’ll never actually be equal until we all vote. So don’t wait,” DiCaprio concludes.

Selena Gomez, John Legend, Stacey Abrams, Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, former Ohio Gov. John Kasich and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger take part in the other videos.

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Obama launched the We All Vote initiative in 2018 as a non-partisan way to increase voter turnout.

“Whose Vote Counts, Explained” is available on Netflix on Sept. 28.