"Lonzo Ball’s Improvement At Shooting Is Proof That Ben Simmons Is Just Lazy/Not Motivated." NBA Fan Slams Ben Simmons For Not Improving His Shooting

One of the biggest criticisms around Ben Simmons is his lack of improvement when it comes to his shooting. The Australian guard has been in the league for quite some time and has played at a high level. But one thing that hasn't changed is how poor his shooting is.

Simmons has been in the NBA for 5 years now and played 4 full seasons during his career. In that time, he has proven why he has been considered a future superstar, winning Rookie Of The Year, and been a multiple-time All-Star and All-Defensive player. 

But he still remains a poor shooter. His three-point shooting was poor from the get-go, but last year, his free-throw shooting also deteriorated. Going forward, Simmons will have to improve his three-point shooting in order to be successful in the modern NBA.

One player that Simmons can learn from is Lonzo Ball. An NBA fan on Twitter pointed out that the improvement Lonzo Ball has shown over the last few years is proof that Simmons is not putting in enough effort to get better when it comes to his shooting.

Fans on Twitter reacted to this tweet, mostly in agreement with the fan. But some did disagree, pointing out that Simmons' shooting is a much bigger issue compared to Lonzo, who was a good shooter during his time in college.

Ball, much like Simmons, entered the league with great hype. But his first few years in the league were a struggle, especially from the three-point line. Lonzo's shot mechanics were off, and a lot of his hype seemed to be unfounded. 

But over the last few years, Ball has improved his shooting mechanics and became a respectable three-point shooter over the last few years. And now, he is considered one of the better three-point shooters in the league. To illustrate, Lonzo averaged 30.5% from three in his rookie season. 

Whereas last year, he was able to average 37.8% from three. Lonzo has shown that consistent practice and efforts to improve can pay off. And perhaps Ben Simmons could benefit from that kind of effort.