Lucy Lawless Holds Open Casting Call For A Cat ‘My Life Is Murder’ Co-Star

Lucy Lawless is looking for a new co-star — a four-legged one.

Ahead of season two of “My Life Is Murder”, the New Zealand actress, 52, held an open casting call for a role in the hit drama.

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In an adorable look behind-the-scenes of the audition process, many sweet felines tried out for the role but only one lucky kitty got the job.

Full of playful, cuddly moments, the auditions is one of the cutest things you’ll see today.

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“My Life Is Murder” follows private investigator Alexa Crow (Lawless) who “always fights the good fight, whether it be a baffling crime or just in her everyday life.”

Fans of the drama will have to tune into season two to find out which kitten will star.

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