Luhkye Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth, Real Name, Girlfriend, Instagram

Share This Article: Luhkye Spread the loveLuhkye is a Rapper and Boyfriend of Nicole Tv. He is also a social media influencer along with his girlfriend. 
The young man, however, is known to the public as the boyfriend of Kayla Nicole Jones. At just the start of his personal career in music, most of his composed songs are not yet out in the public. So far, he has released his debut iconic feature on the song named Hardaway.
5 feet 10 inches Nationality
@luhkye 10 Facts on Luhkye
Luhkye was born to African American parents in the US. Though his nationality is American, we do not know any details on his family background or where they came from.
Luhkye is also tight-lipped about his parents and family. He currently lives with his girlfriend in LA.
The young artist seems to be at an age of 19-21. Due to the lack of birth details, the age is derived from the inference towards his appearance.
Not to prevaricate, but Luhkye real name to not known to the public. He prefers to be identified by his alias as of now.
The true height of Luhkye has not been officially recorded. However, according to Starsoffline, it is promulgated that he is 5 feet 10 inches.
As for his relationship, it is a known fact that Luhkye is dating his current girlfriend Kayla Nicole Jones. Gossip is out that, the 18 years old Nicole is pregnant and expecting a baby with her fiance.
Luhkye has got some local recognition, he is far from being mainstream famous. This is why the young star is not on Wikipedia.
As for his income, Luhkye earns as a musician as well as an influencer through endorsements. It is still going to take a few years until we release an accurate net worth estimate on him.
We can listen to his first-ever debut song as a feature, on Youtube.
Luhkye shares his daily activities with his fans on his Instagram @luhkye.