Man finds €248K worth of heroin in car purchased for son at government auction

A man hoping to land a good deal on a car got more than he bargained for when he purchased one through a government auction and discovered $300,000 (248k) worth of heroin inside it.

According to WHNT, Rick Joyner went to a government auction in Tennessee recently to get his foster son Tyrese Allen a car.

Using a government auction site, Joyner purchased a Ford Taurus for $500 that had been taken in a drug seizure.

I told him I could probably get him one for pretty reasonable and I did, Joyner told WKRG. The ones I look at are all drug seizures.

The thoughtful dad, from Madison County in Alabama, traveled to Nashville in Tennessee to pick the car up with Tyrese, and even asked officials who handed it over if theyd used a sniffer dog on it.

It was full of junk and all kinds of stuff, Joyner said. And they were like, Whatever is in there, its yours. Cause I asked them if they ran a dog through it, but they were like, Nah, we got it all. Dont worry about it.

Joyner had the car towed back to Alabama before they ever popped open the trunk.

We started pulling all this stuff out of the trunk, and I saw this Walmart bag and I pulled it up and it had two bundles of something that was taped really, really heavy, Joyner said.

I was looking at it and I thought, Something dont look right with this.

The bundles were turned over to the Madison County Sheriffs Office, who said they contained about two kilos of heroin worth approximately $300,000.

Ill probably remember this for the rest of my life, Tyrese said.

Just because it was so unexpected. It was just like a regular day and then out of nowhere, we find two kilos of heroin in our trunk.