Man Scales Side Of Building With His Bare Hands To Save Five-Year-Old

Man Scales Side Of Building With His Bare Hands To Save Five-Year-OldHaier/Weibo

A man from China has been hailed a hero after scaling the side of a building with his bare hands to save the life of a five-year-old girl.

Hu Yunchuan, who had been working close to the residential building at the time, went at once to rescue the child after onlookers spotted her stranded outside of a six-storey balcony.

Mr Hu initially tried to force open the front door of the girl’s apartment, aided by another resident. However, when this didn’t work, the brave service engineer was able to climb out onto the building’s facade via the window of the resident living in the apartment below.

You can watch the dramatic rescue mission for yourself below:

In footage that truly isn’t for the faint of heart, Mr Hu can be seen clambering up the exterior side of the building using his bare hands. All the while, other concerned people can be seen holding out a bed sheet in case the child fell.

Thankfully, Mr Hu, who has been dubbed the ‘real-life spider-man’ following his daring rescue, was able to successfully save the girl within a matter of seconds.

The incident occurred on the morning of Thursday, May 21, in the Sichuan province of Zigong in south-western China.

It’s believed the little girl in question had been home alone at the time, and had accidentally climbed out of the apartment while searching for her mother.

Man saves girl from buildingHaier/Weibo

In a social media post, Haier – the consumer electronics company that employs Mr Hu – revealed he would be rewarded for his heroism with an apartment worth 600,000 yuan (£68,997).

The firm wrote:

We don’t like to see dangerous incidents happen. But when society is in need, we hope every Haier person will come forward.

RescueSichuan Observer/Weibo

Speaking with Sichuan Watch, via MailOnline, Mr Hu explained his response had been a natural reaction:

I didn’t think about anything at that moment. It’s quite a common thing to do. Not just me, a lot of people [would do the same].

Plenty of people have come forward to praise Mr Hu’s courage after the video went viral. One person described him as a ‘good man rewarded’, while another remarked that there were indeed, ‘superheroes all around us’.

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