Matthew McConaughey Creates His Own ‘Concoctions’ To Smell Great

Nobody smells quite like Matthew McConaughey.

In an interview Thursday on Australian radio’s “The Kyle and Jackie O Show”, the 52-year-old was asked about the fact that “all the leading ladies always say how great you smell.”

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McConaughey admitted he actually creates his own “concoctions” for his signature scent rather than using off-the-shelf colognes or aftershaves.

“You knew I was a mixologist!” he added.

Hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson pressed McConaughey to reveal the recipe behind his scent but the actor said he “couldn’t dare say that out loud.”

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Just then, as Sandilands was pushing him more to reveal the secret, the actor’s publicist cut the interview off.

“We were [about to get] the eleven-herbs-and-spices recipe!” Sandilands joked, before bidding McConaughey farewell.