McCarthy slams Declan Rice Young Player of the Year award decision

Mick McCarthy has criticised the decision to give Declan Rice the FAI young player of the year award saying that it should have been given to someone "who deserves it".

London born Rice made three friendly appearances in three friendly appearances during the summer in midfield before he was dropped by then Ireland manager Martin O'Neill.

However Rice made the controversial decision to change allegiancethe Republic of Ireland to England in a moverecently ratifiedby world governing body Fifa.

declan rice

Today speaking after announcing his final squad for the 2020 Euro qualifiers McCarthy was asked about the decision to award Rice with the FAI award, and the Ireland boss did not hold back.

I said, dont give it to him. I said, give it to someone who deserves it, and then I stopped. I said, no, thats unfair. Because quite clearly he did deserve it, he won it because of his performances.

I said, give it to somebody who would appreciate it. Not somebody who is going to be embarrassed by it or (for others to use it as) another stick to beat the FAI with.

Because its the journalists award, and I just said it to them, you all wanted to protect the integrity of the award, which they gave to him in good faith. Its not the FAI award, its been given by the journalists.

And then, they all insisted they give it and then theres a shitstorm and its the FAI thats getting it. Well, I dont think thats right, in any shape or form.

When asked what should have been done if it wasn't awarded to anyone else Mick said to "Chuck it in the Liffey!"

No, I wouldnt have given it to him. And if they couldnt give it to anybody else because he won it, dont give it to anybody. Chuck it in the Liffey!