Men’s Hair Loss- Causes and Solutions You Must Know!

Losing excessive hair can blemish the overall personality and weed away the confidence in every situation. Receding hairline can considerably impact your overall appearance, and there’s an urgent need to look for a reliable solution to deal with this situation. 

Hair loss, nowadays, is a natural phenomenon as one-third of the population is affected by it. Usually, people lose 70-100 scalp hair every day on average, which is reasonable as well. But the situation becomes critical when it exceeds this number. 

Male baldness, also known as ‘Alopecia Areata,’ is like a disease that attacks hair follicles. Sometimes, hair fall starts from the small round patch like the size of a quarter, probably that can be visibly seen with thinning of the hair on the scalp. 

But no worries! A wide assortment of treatments is available out there in the market that can keep this matured look at bay and make you feel young again. Put your attention to all about the hair loss I men and several options available to beat it!  

Common Causes for Hair Loss

 . Heredity 

The most common cause is heredity. If baldness is in your family history, you may also get this type of hair loss issues. Some specific kinds of sex hormones also cause hair loss. 

 . Vitamins

Excess of vitamins and supplements also activates hair loss. Sometimes taking insufficient protein also promotes hair loss. 

 . Hypothyroidism 

Hypothyroidism is the medical term having an underactive thyroid gland. The small glands in the neck produce hormones that slow down the growth and development of metabolism.

 . Weight loss

Hair fall due to weight loss is usually linked with the state called Telogen EffluviumThe downfall in the body mass index causes physical stress, which slows down hair follicles.

 . Regular Medications

The most common medicines are blood pressure medicines and blood thinners, which are also the reason for hair fall. Taking steroids to boost your muscles also promotes hair fall. 

 . Consistent Hair Styles & Treatments

Excessive styling, straightening, rebounding, hot oil treatments, or using any kind of strong chemicals or high heating. These treatments actually weaken the hair root and do not let your hair grow. Growing age is also the most common cause of hair loss. 

How Would You Know that You Need An Immediate Solution?

Hair loss symptoms can help you do so. Here are some common signs you can find and should contemplate them instantly!

 . Patchy bald spots

 . Sudden hair losing

 . Gradual thinning on the head top

 . Receding front hairline

 . Full-body hair loss

Global Trends!

Hair loss is not an issue of one country or two. It’s a global phenomenon and is affecting every second person. It is the reason that hair loss medications and treatments market is growing at its fastest pace. And, surely, it will excel in the future years as well. 

Home remedies for hair loss

Hair loss treatment for men at home can provide positive results without any side effects. Here are some tips!

 . Regular hair wash can keep the scalp clean, which prevents hair loss. It lowers the risk of infection and dandruff.

 . Vitamins are beneficial for all body parts, and it is suitable for hair too. Avoid brushing wet hair.

 . If you comb wet hair, it increases the chances of hair loss. You can use fingers to tangle your hair.

 . Taking juices regularly also gives noticeable results.

 . Avoid taking alcoholic drinks to reduce hair loss.

 . Spend some time for physical activity every day, including walking, swimming, yoga, and some exercises. 

Hair Loss Medications!

Despite home remedies that work slowly in bringing your hair back, some proven medications are also available out there, giving hope to people. The doctors usually prescribe Rogaine, Propecia, and many more drugs for the best outcomes. 

Still, we will suggest to first consult your doctor before directly taking these medications. Your health history, the current medical condition must be favorable to make these sorts of drugs. 

Should You Go With Hair Transplant?

The premature baldness has resorted to people to constant tensions and restless nights. It’s evident, in fact! Why would one want to look 15 years older than the actual age? No one wants it, but unfortunately, hair loss being’s maturity in your looks and make you older indubitably. Then what is its solution? Would you have to bear your insult in the whole rest of your life? Certainly not! The best hair transplant will not let you feel slander again. You can get your hairline back with revolutionary hair transplant procedures that will change your appearance and make you feel younger and confident than ever before. 

The only issue that relies on hair transplant is its high cost. Hair transplants are quite expensive and are not affordable for all. Besides, the side effects of hair transplant is another point of worry. So, one should contemplate all the aspects carefully before resorting to this option. 

Hair Wigs for Men

It’s not easy for all to undergo painful and invasive surgical processes to get the hair back. But they don’t need to get depressed for the same as hair wigs for men can give you a younger look again. As already mentioned, men struggling with alopecia or male pattern baldness usually get distressed with their mature looks before time and start losing their confidence to deal with any situation.

It has been so long that women wigs are in vogue, but men are so hesitant about purchasing it. Their concern for a natural look is quite deep but a plethora of options available in wigs for men to bestow you with a natural look. Wigs for men are available in two options!

 . Human Hair Wigs 

 . Synthetic Hair Wigs

If a natural look is a primary concern, then surely human hair wigs are the best. But it’s price would be higher than synthetic hair wigs and that’s obvious too. The hand-tied cap is also provided with, for the best outlook. It looks genuine and perfect to see and touch. Now baldness wouldn’t be an issue anymore with such natural look wigs for men. 

Final Words!

People usually remain wary about hair treatments as a plethora of myths lose their confidence in getting these treatments. They feel it unsafe and risky to go with. But if you make your decision after contemplating all aspects of every option, then you can surely find the best one for you. 

Hair loss is common, so don’t feel depressed. Just take the right option right away! Good luck!