Messiest Reactions To Megan Thee Stallion DRAGGING Tory Lanez On Her New Album


We weren’t sure if Megan Thee Stallion would go *there* on her highly anticipated debut album “Good News,” but she definitely did, and dragged Tory Lanez to Hell and back by his liddo limbs on the super spicy intro “Shots Fired.”

Imagine n-ggas lyin’ ‘bout shootin’ a real b-tch

Just to save face for rapper n-ggas you chill with

Imagine me givin’ a f-ck it was your f-ckin’ birthday

You in your feelings, I just thought it was another Thursday

You shot a 5’10” b-tch with a .22

Talkin’ ‘bout bones and tendons like them bullets wasn’t pellets

A p-ssy n-gga with a p-ssy gun in his feelings,” she rapped over Biggie’s classic “Who Shot Ya” track.

She also apparently had some smoke for ex-BFF Kelsey who was rumored to be entangled with Tory, at some point.

Who you takin’ shots at, goofy-a** b***h?

Watchin’ me succeed from your knees, suckin’ d***

I know you want attention from the n***s that I get

I’m a steak, you a side plate, shrimp, stay in your place

Real b***h, yeah, yeah, I ain’t sellin’ fairytales

FaceTime my n***a while my other nI***a layin’ there

B*** think she sabotagin’ somethin’, tryna run and tell

B***, I got a bond with my n***s and they all aware, yeah

Who you takin’ shots at? Shut up with your scary ass

No profile pic, b***, your mama shouldn’t’ve had

Kick me while I’m down bad, I remember all that

Next n*** send a shot, I’ma sent it right back (Ah)

This comes just a few days after her dazzling GQ spread where she revealed that Tory Lanez offered her hush money after the incident.

After he shot, she says, Lanez begged her not to say anything. She says he offered Megan and her friend money to stay quiet. “[At this point] I’m really scared,” Megan says, “because this is like right in the middle of all the protesting. Police are just killing everybody for no reason, and I’m thinking, ‘I can’t believe you even think I want to take some money. Like, you just shot me.’ ” (A lawyer for Lanez denied that the rapper offered Megan and her friend money.)

How do you feel about the diss? Do you think she should’ve left it alone? Tell us in the comments and peep the messiest reactions on the flip.