Mom Takes Revenge On School Tyrant After She Makes Her Child’s Life Hell

We’re all warned about the dangers of encountering bullies at school, but it’s usually implied that these cruel individuals will be our peers. Unfortunately for some students, the adults who are supposed to be taking care of them and providing them with a great education are the same people who decide to turn their lives into a living hell.

Below, you’ll find a story that a man recently shared on the Petty Revenge subreddit, detailing how his mother managed to get back at his cruel vice principal when he was in middle school.

When this man was in middle school, his vice principal seemed to enjoy terrorizing her students

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So his mother thought of a brilliant way to get back at her

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Administrators have the power to make or break a school’s culture

When we send our kids off to school each morning, we trust that the teachers and staff will do everything in their power to take care of our little ones. They’ll look out for them, treat them with kindness and respect. And first and foremost, they’ll keep them safe. But unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for those in leadership positions in schools to be making questionable decisions. 

According to Better Leaders Better Schools, some of the most common signs of poor leadership from a principal are when the faculty don’t trust each other or take risks. When they don’t feel safe around their principal, they’re limiting themselves and limiting what their students can get out of classes. A poor principal might also focus on the wrong things. If they’re too concerned about small details like controlling students’ test scores or having teachers turn in weekly lesson plans, they are likely missing the big picture.

Better Leaders Better Schools also recommends that principals don’t completely separate the business from the personal at their schools. This can make them seem less human and can cause students and staff to fear them, rather than actually respect them. Establishing relationships and being a real person is not a weakness.

But many principals report that they aren’t even happy in their positions

Mary Alicia Lyons at Education Week says that administrators have the power to create a positive or negative culture in their schools, and that’s not something they should take lightly. She writes that the best administrators consider teachers’ opinions, plan ahead, treat others with empathy and develop the talent of their staff.

Lyons notes that nurturing positive leadership can go a long way in a school. For example, acknowledging the achievements and successes of students and teachers can make them feel more confident and encourage them to continue working hard. It’s also important to value the feedback that teachers provide, or you might end up in a similar position to the vice principal in this story, where nobody wants to assist you in your time of need.

While there’s never a good excuse for being a poor leader or treating students cruelly, it seems that many principals don’t even like their jobs. So why would they care to do a great job? According to Education Week, 42% of principals actually want to abandon their positions due to poor working conditions, compensation and financial obligations, high-stakes accountability systems and evaluation practices, lack of decision making authority and inadequate access to professional learning opportunities.

Investing in great principals is worth it, as students deserve to feel safe and supported at school

We all want our children and future generations to have the best education possible, but when students and educators don’t want to be there, it seems like they’re all doomed from the start. The Wallace Foundation reports that principals have the power to make or break the education of young people, so we have to be investing in excellent leadership.     

“Principals really matter. Indeed, given not just the magnitude but the scope of principal effects, which are felt across a potentially large student body and faculty in a school, it is difficult to envision an investment with a higher ceiling on its potential return than a successful effort to improve principal leadership,” the Wallace Foundation writes.

So when principals are acting inappropriately or treating their students poorly, it’s important to have parents like the mother in this story who are willing to put them in their place. Students deserve better. We would love to hear your thoughts on this story in the comments below, pandas. And then if you’re interested in reading another Bored Panda article discussing drama with a principal, we recommend reading this piece next!

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