My 16 Comics About Gerald, An Idiot Who Always Ends Up In Ridiculous Situations

Hello, my name is Steve Nelson, and I’m a comedy writer and aspiring illustrator based in Brighton, UK. I am the creator of Audible Originals comedy series The Temp and have written on a handful of TV and radio shows. Being a comedy writer is mostly writing stuff that will never see the light of day, and I got fed up with it, so I wanted to do something where I could present my comedy instead. I always loved drawing, so that seemed the best medium to present my jokes.

With all the free time the lockdown has given me, I created this comic character called Gerald, who is the perfect vessel for the jokes I write, which unfortunately makes Gerald the klutz, the idiot, the fall guy! For example, he names his dog Shark not realizing the ramifications when he takes him to the beach, he tries to buy an air guitar and attempts to lifehack ironing by putting anti-wrinkle cream on his clothes. I’m looking forward to developing Gerald further—I have lots of ideas I want to explore with him. You’ll be able to follow that evolution over on my Instagram.

It is purely coincidental that Gerald looks like Danny DeVito, by the way! I didn’t realize until loads of people kept commenting on my posts with Always Sunny references, and now I’m thinking of naming the comic “Not Danny DeVito”…

Below are a collection of my latest Gerald comics for you to enjoy. Feel free to check out the rest of my comics and illustrations on my website and socials.

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#1 A Dog Named Shark

#2 Trampoline

#3 Lockdown Metamorphosis

#4 I'm With Stupid

#5 Air Guitars 'R' Us

#6 Sunbathing

#7 Pillows

#8 Making Love

#9 Marriage #1

#10 Wig

#11 Illiteracy

#12 Twister

#13 Angels Playing Halo

#14 Doodles

#15 Sunbathing Indoors

#16 Getting Blazed