My 25 New Illustrated Bad Puns That Might Make Your Day

I am a designer based in San Francisco, and I love to doodle during my spare time. I hear many words that amuse me during the day, not sure why, but they are just too funny. Perhaps it's a combination of being easily amused and having English as a second language. In any case, it's a good method to escape our sad pandemic reality and deal with stress.

For example, when my mother mentioned she is doing "intermittent fasting," an image of a person putting a mitten over their head popped into my mind. Then when I heard "thumb drive," I saw an actual human thumb driving a car. Same with "Bluetooth" (my daughter was asking why someone came up with this name?) - in my head, I saw an actual blue tooth transmitting Wi-Fi from a mouth.

I usually write down funny words, and when I have some free time, I grab my iPad and quickly draw it. My goal is to create a new drawing every day, and I have been sharing them on my Instagram.

I really enjoyed drawing this, and I hope you’ll find these amusing too! Here are the links to my previous posts if you missed them (I, II).

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#1 Blue Tooth

#2 Porkupine

#3 Deadline

#4 Super Bowl

#5 Manspreading

#6 Back To The Drawing Board

#7 Flew Off The Handle

#8 Circle Back

#9 Handyman

#10 Thumb Drive

#11 Framed

#12 Intermitten Fasting

#13 Defeeted

#14 Half-Assed

#15 Human Connection

#16 Escargo

#17 Charging Bull

#18 Changing My Mind

#19 In Poster Syndrome

#20 Menopause

#21 High Steaks

#22 Mansplaining

#23 Eating Garbage

#24 Gummy Bear

#25 Flaky Internet