National Park Service Warns Against Sacrificing Slower Friends In A Bear Attack In This Hilarious PSA

What would you do upon meeting a 1000-lb adult bear right in the middle of your idyllic stroll in the park? Select one: you’d curl up in a fetal position, you’d run the heck outta there like Forrest Gump (wrong answer!), or you’d sacrifice your friend you’ve known since high school who is the most annoying brat on the planet.

The US National Park Service is now officially advising against the last (and probably the most tempting) option. In a hilarious Facebook post, the Service shared a detailed PSA on what and what not to do when encountering a bear. From NOT running and NOT climbing a tree to, most importantly, NOT pushing down a slower friend, their advice is both practical and all too funny.

A whopping 52K people on Facebook seem to be loving their sense of humor, but I see it as genuine advice on friendship. ‘Cause even if it has run its course, that doesn’t mean you can say farewell to it and let Mother Nature do her job.

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The National Park Service has issued comedic, yet practical advice on what to do in a bear encounter

Image credits: National Park Service

And many seemed to love their sense of humor