NBA Rumors: League Executives Believe Chris Paul Will Become A Coach After He Retires From Playing In The NBA

(via DraftKings Nation)

Even at 35-years-old, Chris Paul has remained an effective and elite player for the Phoenix Suns. At this point, it’s easy to say he’s still got plenty of good playing years ahead of him.

But when those days do eventually come to a close, many executives believe the star guard will make the transition to the sidelines as a coach. Here’s what some NBA Insiders said to Bleacher Report on the subject of CP3 potential coaching future:

“The consensus among league executives is the next player to make a similar leap to calling plays will be Chris Paul,” Blakely said.

You look at his leadership, the fact that every team he winds up with is better once he gets there than they were before he arrived,” an Eastern Conference executive said. “It makes you believe that he’ll be a hell of a coach. I think any organization would be crazy not to see if there’s a way to get him on board when he’s done playing.”

Chris Paul as the head coach of an NBA team makes a lot of sense. Not only is he a natural leader and galvanizer, but his knowledge and understanding of the game go deep. His ability to initiate the offense and think several moves ahead makes him a prime candidate to lead a team of his own as a coach.

Paul himself hasn’t indicated any assurances that he’s considering such a route. But, at the very least, it seems like it will be an opportunity that will be waiting for him after he’s played his last game as a player.