Nets Tout Biden Deploying Military to Hospitals, Omit Unvaxxed Fired

Television networks sang praises for President Biden on Thursday. But at no point did they mention that Biden’s vaccine mandate was responsible for some of the shortages since unvaccinated staffers were fired or suspended.

“President Biden taking new steps to surge resources where they’re needed most, deploying six more military medical teams to six hard-hit states. 1,000 personnel part of this effort,” boasted ABC’s World News Tonight anchor David Muir.

He was backed up by correspondent Kayna Whitworth, who reiterated that Biden was “deploying six more military medical teams to six hospitals in hard-hit states: New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Rhode Island, New Mexico, and Ohio.”

“At least 1,000 hospitals across the country are facing critical staff shortages. Dayton children’s in Ohio says short-staffed and admitting more kids than ever since the omicron surge,” she added.

While many of the health care workers were out due to contracting COVID themselves, Whitworth failed to mention that just last September, ABC reported that “[h]undreds of health care workers across the country are being fired or suspended in droves for not complying with COVID-19 vaccine mandates.”

And the network was concerned about staffing shortages back then too:

There are concerns about staff shortages in already overburdened hospitals that still have to deal with COVID-19 patients. Some hospitals said that they have increased staffing ahead of the deadlines for vaccines, in an effort to stabilize their workforce.

In the meantime, CBS Evening News via correspondent Meg Oliver was bust portraying the Supreme Court as trying to intentionally stifle Biden’s COVID response.

As COVID lawsuits spiral out of control in the U.S., it is a major blow for the Biden administration. The Supreme Court blocking the president’s bland to require employees at large private companies to be vaccinated or test weekly for COVID,” Oliver reported. “This as the President called in the military today to help overwhelmed hospitals in six states survive the surge.”

Gabe Gutierrez, NBC’s national correspondent, framed the issue in the same manner. Nightly News. After noting the SCOTUS decision, he suggested: “It all comes as the Biden administration scrambles to fight a frustratingly resurgent pandemic, vaccine disinformation, and a highly transmissible variant.”

Adding: “Now the President is sending in the military to hospitals in six hard-hit states, including the Cleveland Clinic, the University of New Mexico, and Rhode Island Hospital. And he says his administration will make higher quality masks available to Americans for free.”

This omission of President Biden’s roll in the hospital staffing shortages was made possible because of lucrative sponsorships from Verizon and ABC, Prevagen on CBS, and Liberty Mutual on NBC. You can find their contact information here.

The transcripts are below, click “expand” to read:

ABC’s World News Tonight
January 13, 2022
Eastern, 6:36:14

DAVIDMUIR: The President Biden is taking additional steps to increase resources in the most critical areas, including deploying six military medical teams to six states that are currently suffering. Part of this effort: 1,000 troops

Kayna Whitworth, from Ohio tonight. At Dayton’s Ohio children’s hospital, she is. Kayna takes a look at the doctors who are there now.

[Cuts to video]

KAYNA WITTWORTH – Tonight President Biden is sending six more medical personnel to six other hospitals in the hardest hit states of New York, New Jersey. Rhode Island. New Mexico.

Critical staff shortages have been reported in at least 1,000 hospitals around the nation. Dayton children’s in Ohio say’s short-staffed and admitting more kids than ever since the omicron surge.


CBS Evening News
January 13, 2022
Eastern, 6:33:17


MEG OLIVER: The Biden administration is in serious trouble tonight as the number of COVID cases across America spirals out of control. Supreme Court blocks President Biden’s request that large-sized private employers require their employees to test for COVID every week or to get vaccinated. However, the court has allowed the mandate for the majority of healthcare workers. The President has called on the military to aid overwhelmed hospitals across six states in the aftermath of today’s surge.


NBC Nightly News
January 13, 2022
Eastern, 7:03:44


GABE GUTIERREZ – It happens as the Biden Administration tries to combat a frustratingly resurgent Pandemic, vaccine misinformation and a highly transmissible strain.

Omicron’s trend may have stalled in certain cities on the east coast, according to recent data. However overall Omicron hospitalizations are still high.

The President has sent the military into six states that are in most severe need, such as the Rhode Island Hospital, University of New Mexico and Cleveland Clinic. His administration promises to make better quality masks free for Americans.