New Bombshell About Epstein Visits to the Clinton White House – Opinion

The Daily Mail has just released a report that Jeffrey Epstein was at the White House 17 times during Bill Clinton’s presidency. This includes three visits on the same day.

According to the prosecutors, this was in the time that Ghislaine Maxwell was accused of securing minors to allow Epstein to have sexual relations with.

The Mail requested the Clinton Presidential Library for visitor logs.

Epstein was invited by senior advisers and aides and went to the West Wing which means that he was likely meeting with Clinton although the mail does note that on a few of the visits Clinton wasn’t there.

Clinton was photographed on one of these visits. This picture is dated Sept. 29, 1993. It shows Clinton meeting Maxwell and Epstein at the White House Historical Association reception. Epstein donated $10,000 for the White House renovation. Photos show Epstein and Clinton shaking hands and “smiling broadly” according to the Mail.

Clinton has denied knowing anything about Epstein’s sexual allegations and has downplayed the contact that he had with him. Clinton released a statement in 2019 about Epstein’s contact. This seems inconsistent with everything we have already known and with new details about Epstein’s visits to the White House.

In addition to the many visits to the White House that we now know of, Clinton also rode on Epstein’s plane — dubbed the “Lolita Express” by some — some 26 times and with up to 10 trips without a Secret Service detail. These trips featured a tour that included stops in Asia as well as a trip to Africa with Chris Tucker and Kevin Spacey.

Previous reports indicated that Clinton was photographed on the plane. A Fox investigative journalist claimed that sometimes there were girls who went on such trips.

Clinton denied that he went to Epstein’s island, but his “body man,” Doug Band has claimed that he went there.

Maxwell was also invited to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in 2010.

Clinton could downplay the contacts, but evidence seems to contradict his claims. It is hard to imagine Epstein working at the White House for so many hours. Clinton didn’t mention those contacts in this statement either.