New survey reveals Ireland's favourite Mammyisms

A reminder for everyone - Mother's Day is fast approaching!

This year, it falls on March 14 - and to celebrate that a new survey, on behalf of Aldi, has revealed some of Ireland's favourite 'Mammyisms'.

We've all got the famous phrases and sayings that you could only hear from an Irish mother.

And we've all been patients that only our Mammy has tried to cure.

But we'll start with a controversial topic.

The survey asked people what they call their mother, with 42% calling her Mam, 29% calling her Mum and 13% calling her Mom.

The other 16% was made up of Ma, Mammy, Mommy, Mummy and Mother!

But what about the cures for a sickness?

Well, there's an old favourite there.

Dry toast, sugary tea, flat lemonadeand fresh air reigned supreme when it comes to a remedy for being sick or injured when growing up!

Other Irish Mammy remedies included:

  • A little lie down

  • Sudocrem

  • A hot orange or lemon drink

  • Hot water bottle

  • Chicken soup


The survey also asked What Irish "Mammyism" were you told as a child to stop you from doing something e.g. "If you sit too close to that TV, you'll get square eyes, and it seems that Irish Mammies are professionals at this! Answers included:

  • ''Dont make that face, if the wind blows, youll be stuck like that!

  • Youll get a cold if you go out with wet hair

  • If you cross your eyes for too long theyll stay that way

  • If you swallow that chewing gum, it will stay inside you forever

  • Dont wear your coat inside; itll be no good to you when you go out!

  • If you eat your crusts, your hair will be curly

  • If you eat too much sugar, youll get worms in your belly

  • If you dont eat your carrots, you wont be able to see in the dark

  • Dont sit on the ground, youll get a kidney infection

  • If you bite your nails, your fingers will fall off!

  • The tooth fairy wont come if your room isnt clean

  • If you eat the seeds from an apple, theyll grow inside you!

And finally, when asked about their Mammys favourite saying, there were lots of familiar ones including:

  • Whats for you wont go by you

  • If you fall and break your legs, dont come running to me

  • You dont have to like it; you just have to eat it!

  • If your friend put his hand in a fire, would you do it too?

  • A little Birdy told me

  • Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

  • Im warning you

  • Were you born in a barn? when the door was left wide open

  • Im as full as an egg when she finished her dinner

  • You know what they say, no grain for the goose!

  • He didnt lick it off a stone

  • Youll be better before youre married

  • Dont tell your father

  • Bye, bye, bbyee, byee, bye bbbyeeee when hanging up the phone!

Got any Mammyisms of your own? Let us know!