New York governor accused by third woman of sexual harrassment

A third woman has come forward to accuse New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, of alleged sexual harrassment.

This latest advancement in accusations against the governor came on the same day that New York Attorney General, Letitia James, launched an investigation into previous allegations of the same nature.

A review had been launched after two former aides came forward this week with accusations against Cuomo.

Anna Ruch told the New York Times Monday that Andrew Cuomo touched her face during a wedding reception in New York City in September 2019 and "asked if he could kiss her."

The New York Times Photo by Braulio Jatar / SOPA Images/Sipa USA

Ruch also shared a photo of the alleged incident with the paper.

Since her story was published, the New York Attorney acknowledged her story and said they will decide whether or not to include Ms. Ruch's account in the upcoming investigation.

Responding to the investigation, Beth Garvey, Special Counsel and Senior Advisor to the governor said; "The Governor's office wants a thorough and independent review that is above reproach and beyond political interference.

"Therefore, the Governor's office has asked Attorney General Tish James to select a qualified private lawyer to do an independent review of allegations of sexual harassment.

"The lawyer shall report publicly their findings. The Governor's office will voluntarily cooperate fully."

More to follow.