New York Rapper On The GOAT Debate: “I’m Sure That LeBron Would Pick Michael Too.”

Seeing what Michael Jordan did during his honored career and what LeBron James is doing in his 18th season in the league are the biggest proof that these two are the best players to ever set foot on an NBA court. The GOAT debate is always hot around the league and everybody wants to give their opinion on that matter, picking one of these two as the greatest to ever do it.

This topic has transcended the NBA and even rappers want to give their take on this controversial debate. New York rapper Damon Dash talked with Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson of Heavy, where he touched several issues, including Kyrie Irving and the never-ending GOAT debate.

“Michael because I like his sneakers better,” Dash jokingly told Scoop B.

“ I mean, I’m from the age of Michael. I admire LeBron. He’s the man and he does his thing and I also particularly how he is with his kids; so I love that but, it’s just Michael Jordan. I’m sure that LeBron would pick Michael too … and he’s not the person that I liked the most as a person, you know what I’m sayin’? But he still was the essence of who he was and what he meant as a child to me. And again what supersedes all of that is the rings.”

Now working in Los Angeles, Dash has had the chance to see LeBron closely and learn firsthand what makes the man so great. He’s impressed with the King but still goes with the Chicago Bulls legend that changed that franchise, gave them six titles in six trips to the Finals, and made the NBA the global brand it is right now.

Jordan and James have had similar careers, especially after their 30s, demonstrating that they’re the best of the best. Jordan still tops LeBron in accolades, having a better career than the Los Angeles Lakers superstar when it comes to individual awards.

This debate will never end and people are always trying to make their point, but nobody has ever made other people change their mind on this topic and it won’t probably happen. You can define your GOAT depending on several factors and that would be just fine.