Newsom Is Using You for PR Towards His Presidential Run – Opinion

RedState reports that California Governor Gavin Newsom used $105,000 from his $23 Million campaign funds to launch Florida campaign ads. Slow golf clap*>

In the first ad which aired the July 4th weekend, Governor Hair Gel tries to look like “everyman,” while peddling his version of reality, with a very corny, UN-California acoustic rendition of America the BeautifulThere is some background warbling. Total dissonance with Newsom’s shiny hair and calcified edges.

It is a terrible skill.

At the end of the ad, the campaign financing announcement, “Paid for by Newsom for California Governor 2022,” is sped up; maybe to save time, maybe so that viewers don’t know that he is supposed to be running for California governor. But if he’s running for Governor of California, why does he seem to care more about what Floridians think about him?

As I said last week, because he’s focused on his 2024 presidential run, pure and simple.


It’s Independence Day, so let’s talk about what is going on in America. In your state, freedom is being attacked. Your Republican leaders: they’re banning books, making it harder to vote. Restricting speech in the classroom. You can even criminalize doctors and women.

Florida residents, please join me in fighting for freedom in California. Freedom of speech. Freedom to choose. Freedom from hatred Freedom from hate. Don’t let them take your freedom. 

I like what Reform California’s Carl DeMaio said Monday on Newsmax’s John Bachmann Now:

“Gavin Newsom promoting freedom is like the devil organizing a prayer breakfast.”

Get SickYou can burn and you will be spot-on.

There will always be the clapping seals who love Newsom because he’s such a progressive champion. Their grandmother would be killed by him and they’d vote for him.

Throw him a fish.

But the reality-based residents of California applied pins to Newsom’s bubble of delusion:

Let’s talk about Newsom’s concept of “Freedom.”

Hair Gel was not able to relinquish his emergency powers the last time that I checked. California has suspended Constitutional Liberties and Government of, For, and By the People since March 2020. Newsom is able to bring back COVID limitations, declare a State of Emergency, or institute additional lockdowns whenever he feels like it.

According to California Globe:

The last three years he’s been treating Californians like his subjects, as he watches 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The 30-second ad is running on Fox News Monday July 4th, and is directed at Newsom’s freedom-loving nemesis Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and his policies, drawing a stark contrast with California, which is still under Newsom’s COVID State of Emergency order – more than 820 days.

So as long as he’s in office, the only true freedom Californians have is to exodus the state, and many have been doing just that.

California might be sunny and warm but Californians still leave in great numbers. High living costs, as well as difficulty in finding work are two reasons residents leave.

The cost of living in California is higher than the national average, and housing costs are more than double the national average, making it challenging for the average resident to afford a home. Combine this with an unemployment rate of a little less than double the national average, and it’s no surprise that people are fleeing the golden state.

Newsom tried to devastate churches and places of worship during the pandemic. He demanded they shut down their doors while “shows like” were shown. Jimmy Kimmel and Bill Maher’s In Real Time had full audiences. The Supreme Court ruled in Cuomo, Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, five court losses, and payouts of millions for church’s legal fees to stop that nonsense.

Newsom wouldn’t be allowed to run roughshod over churches and synagogues if it weren’t for them. Californians know that Hair Gel’s idea of Freedom doesn’t extend to religion—especially if you’re a Christian or a Jew.

2019 saw the California Legislature and Gavin Newsom complicit in removing independent professionals’ freedom to choose their work hours. AB5 is responsible for the destruction of over 600 professional careers and causing untold harm to California’s economy since January 2020. And with our nation’s supply-chain issues, owner-operator truckers are now subject to AB5 and will no longer be able to operate independently within the state.

It’s a very long list, but these are just a few examples of Newsom’s version of “freedom.”

Even if you’re not a Florida Republican, you should be suspect of this naked PR campaign. If one wants to run a national campaign, then one needs to get national attention—and everything Newsom has been doing lately: from attacking SCOTUS to establishing California as an abortion sanctuary state, has been to win national attention and favor.

His only concern is to make Florida a political tool. You only need to look at California and the way he treated its citizens for proof.

The Tiktok user Florida Grand did a mashup video of Newsom’s campaign ad, and the reality on the ground in California. Florida Grand would be able to run the campaign with $100,000 more than the fake president.