Nice terror attack: Victim named as 'devoted' church worker Vincent Loques

One of three people stabbed to death in Nice, France has been identified as "devoted" church worker Vincent Loques.

Mr Loques is believed to have been a lay member of staff responsible for the upkeep of the church and had a wife and two children, the BBC has reported.

He had been working at the Notre-Dame de lAssomption Basilica when an "Islamist" man entered the church armed with a knife.

The man, reported to be a 21-year-old Tunisian migrant, killed three people, including Mr Loques, a woman, and another woman.

Officials said the woman, an elderly victim, was "virtually beheaded," inside the church.

The third victim, a woman understood to have been in her late 30s or early 40s, managed to flee the Basilica and run to a nearby cafe.

She had been stabbed several times by the assailant and, despite her efforts, died a short time later.

President Emmanuel Macron, who visited Nice on shortly after the incident, called the killings an "Islamist terrorist attack."

He said France's country had been "attacked" and expressed the "support of France towards the Catholic community."

Victim named as 'devoted' church worker Vincent Loques

Two other attacks took place on Thursday, another in France and one outside the French consulate in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

In Montfavet, France, a man was shot dead after threatening police with a handgun.

A guard was attacked outside the French consulate in Jeddah and a suspect was arrested and the guard taken to hospital.

Anti-terror prosecutors have opened an investigation into the attack and France has raised its national security alert to its highest level.

Mr Macron warned terrorists France will not "surrender anything" if attacked again and said the country will "not give in to any spirit of terror."

He said: "If we are attacked once again it is for the values which are ours: freedom, for the possibility on our soil to believe freely and not to give in to any spirit of terror.

"I say it with great clarity once again today: we won't surrender anything."