Nick Young Has Savage Reaction To Ime Udoka Cheating On Nia Long: "I Think Men Just Get Bored Sometimes, And Things Happen When You Get Bored."

Nick Young Has Savage Reaction To Ime Udoka Cheating On Nia Long:

The ongoing Ime Udoka situation has made a lot of noise around the NBA. Following a terrific season where he took the Boston Celtics to the 2022 NBA Finals, Udoka was suspended by the organization for violating their organizational guidelines. The head coach had an improper relationship with a female staffer, which earned a suspension and a lot of bad comments around the community. 

Many have reacted to this situation, including media members like Stephen A. Smith and Malika Andrews, former players like Shaquille O'Neal and even Udoka's own players like Marcus Smart. This situation isn't over yet, according to reports, as there are more details we don't know. 

Meanwhile, people keep giving their takes on this situation, and recently, somebody who was also caught cheating and having an improper relationship while being an active member of the league reacted to the Udoka situation. 

Nick Young Has Savage Reaction To Ime Udoka Cheating On Nia Long

Nick Young recently sat down with VladTV to discuss a variety of topics around the NBA, including this unfortunate situation. He had a blunt response to all of this, saying that Udoka probably cheated on Nia Long because he was bored. He said that cheating has nothing to do with the woman you're with, but instead boredom.

“It don’t matter about the woman — I think men just get bored sometimes, and things happen when you get bored,” Young said.

Nick Young cheated on Iggy Azalea several years ago, living one of the biggest scandals in recent times in the NBA, especially after former teammate D'Angelo Russell recorded him talking about having cheated on the Australian rapper. 

This is a wild explanation about cheating from Young. One would have thought that he changed a little bit after getting busted, but reading these words, that seems very unlikely right now.