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Who Is Nicole Harper? Everything On Pregnant Woman Whose Car Flipped Over By Arkansas Police Table of Contents
Nicole Harper, faced a car accident, has been reported to be flipped over by the Arkansas Police for not pulling over at a fast pace. 
Nicole Harper, a pregnant woman, faced a car accident while driving near Jacksonville, Arkansas. 
From the investigation, it is known that Arkansas State Police Officer is the person behind the car accident as the police pulled in behind her and indicated her to pull over. 
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Who Is Nicole Harper? Pregnant Woman Car Accident Explained
Nicole Harper is a woman who faced a dangerous car accident because of a police officer Rodney Dunn of the Arkansas State Police. 
Alongside, it is reported that Nicole was two months pregnant when she confronted the accident. 
Harper was driving near Jacksonville, Arkansas, last June when the officer signaled her to pull over. 
After the signal, she tried to pull over following the guidelines of the license book yet miserably failed that caused the car to flip over.
Additionally, it is also found that the road where they were driving was too narrow for the turn. 
The accident took the life of Nicole’s unborn child, but she is safe and sound at the moment. 
Nicole has now filed a case against the Police Officer for the same. 
Nicole Harper Age And Husband 
Nicole Harper’s age is 38 years old.
However, we lack complete information regarding her date of birth. 
Further, Nicole Harper is a married woman as she was pregnant, and she does have a husband. 
But, her husband has still not shown his presence in the media. Also, his information is missing on the web. 
Still and all, Nicole and her husband must be working together to fight the case against the police officer Dunn. TW: Police violence
Enraging. Arkansas Officer Rodney Dunn flips over Nicole Harper’s car—while she was pregnant—b/c “she didn't pull over quick enough.”
He’s still a cop & faces 0 consequences b/c of qualified immunity.
— Qasim Rashid, Esq. (@QasimRashid) June 9, 2021 Meet Nicole Harper On Instagram 
Nicole Harper is not active on Instagram. 
Neither is she accessible through the Twitter account. 
Harper gives the impression of being a private person keeping her personal life away from the social platforms.