Not Nearly Enough: Breonna Taylor’s Family Has Reached “Substantial” Settlement In Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Louisville

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Source: Paul Morigi / Getty

Breonna Taylor‘s family has reached what is being described as a “substantial” settlement by a Louisville Courier-Journal source who is close to the wrongful death lawsuit proceedings. The city government will be making a public announcement at some point today, possibly by 2pm based on the reporting.

This “source” could not be identified nor could they release the exact amount of the settlement. However, they did relay that it will likely be the biggest financial mea culpa in the city’s history. Previously, the biggest settlement was paid back in 2012 to the amount of $8.5 million to Edwin Chandler after he spent NINE YEARS IN PRISON because of lyin’-a$$ detective Mark Handy.

Great. Record-setting money for the unjust death of a Black woman. Let’s be clear, ten, eleven twenty, fifty, fifty-leven, none of those amounts of millions are worth Breonna Taylor’s life. It is also reported that along with the money, there will allegedly be some “policy reform” put into place.

In addition to the payment, the deal is expected to include several policing reforms, including a requirement that commanders approve all search warrants before they go to a judge, the person told The Courier-Journal.

Interesting timing of this settlement considering that a grand jury in Jefferson County is preparing to hear evidence for potential criminal charges next week. Watch this space. Word to Maddow.