Online Challenge Invites People To Share Pics Of Their Smiling Dogs, They Deliver (54 Pics)

There’s something about seeing your dog smile that makes it a one-of-a-kind experience. It melts our hyperventilating hearts busy swimming through our daily dose of stress up to a point where nothing really matters. Both soul-soothing and overwhelmingly joyful, smiling dog pics should be prescribed by doctors daily.

So when a new kind of challenge emerged on the Dog Spotting Society Facebook group, it was destined to go viral like it did. With 20K challenge participants, #SmilingDogChallenge is without a doubt all the world needs these days. So get ready for the most entertaining “say cheese” moments of the canine world.

And even if scientists are not entirely sure whether dogs indeed can smile like humans, it’s clear that these goodest boys and bestest girls are totally content and happy. In the end, smizing eyes don’t lie. Psst! Our previous post on Guilty Dog Challenge with the cutest delinquents of the doggo world is waiting right here.

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#1 Just A Sleepy Smiley Hippo Pup And Her Hippo

Image credits: Ingrid Sievers

#2 Zero Wins This One

Image credits: Daniel Dalton-Scamman

#3 This Is Oakley. He’s Not A Stuffed Animal Even Though He Looks Like One

Image credits: Carmen Chambers

#4 My Lil Poser, That Smile Is Small But It’s There

Image credits: Megan Marina Davidson

#5 This Was Sam The Day We Brought Him From The Shelter. That Giant Pibble Smile Says It All

Image credits: Brandi Matthews

#6 Chicken Throwing In The Head Tilt For Bonus Points

Image credits: Jae

#7 Iroh Is All Smiles For His First Vaccine

Image credits: Darian Williams

#8 These Girls Were All Smiles Yesterday

Image credits: Don Gibson

#9 My Jonas Had The Biggest Smile All The Time

Even when he was dying and no one knew. He loved life to no end. He loved us more. My Jonas and I had our photos done just 46 hours before he was laid to rest from spleen cancer last September. No idea I was hugging him for the last few times when some of these photos were taken. I know you're smiling just as big and bright at rainbow bridge, my love 

Image credits: Stephanie Doyle

#10 This Is The Anniversary Week Of Rylie Adopting Us. She Was 5 And My Dad Was 97. She Shared The Last 3 Years Of His Life With Us And Brought So Much Joy To Him, And Also To Me. He Had Wanted A Golden More Than Anything And Would Cry Just Seeing Pictures Of Them. She Is An Answer To Prayer And Is The Sweetest And Most Wonderful Dog You Could Ever Imagine

Image credits: The Goldens

#11 Bamboo Just Got Her First Bed!! Safe To Say She Loves It

Image credits: Hayley Blade

#12 Archie B Has RGF (Resting Grump Face), But Somehow I Was Able To Capture This Gem

Image credits: Abbey Ann

#13 Went Through The Drive Through Where My Daughter Works And Heidi Was So Happy To See Her!

Image credits: Sheila Riley Meyer

#14 My Baby's Innocent Smile

Image credits: Honey Jane Li

#15 This Was Our Princess Leia At The Vet Today For A Check-Up Cos She Loves To Eat Anything In Sight

Image credits: Deedee Delgado

#16 Hi, I’m Waffle

Image credits: Caitlin Carlia Weakley

#17 My Little Ray Of Sunshine And Movie Partner Peach!

Image credits: Meg Aston

#18 My Baby Girl’s A Heckin Ol’ Ray Of Sunshine

Image credits: Elana Watkin

#19 Manny Loves His Grandma

Image credits: Seth Bugden

#20 Hazel Has Some Picture Perfect Entries For The Smiling Dog Challenge

Image credits: Piper Cote

#21 Best Friends Forever

Image credits: Liz Lonsdale-Faraday

#22 When I Needed A Hand, I Found Your Paw. Never Failed To Make Me Smile. Pretty Panda

Image credits: Fil Gab Dacoron

#23 This Is My Baby Boy Alfie, He Was Unwell At The Beginning Of The Year And We Found Out He Is Diabetic. He Has Now Lost His Sight But He Is Still My Happy Boy

Image credits: Cara Wickson

#24 “Did You Say Cheese?? Ok, I Smiles For That!”

Image credits: Emily Lumley

#25 Figured I Should Show Off My Old Man Cooper Who I Took To Work And Gave Him A Well Deserved Spa Day He Loved It! Cooper Is 12 And The Best Lil Guy

Image credits: Cass Evans

#26 Baby Mango Swallowed One Of His Doggy Bone Treats Whole Today But He’s Still Smiling.. Happy Thoughts That He’ll Be Ok

Image credits: Kamela Olivya Alegre

#27 This Is My Baby, Titus Kingston Stokes, And He Is Absolutely Rotten! We Call Him The “Smiling Dog,” As He Often Poses For Pictures

Image credits: Do'Lyn Stokes

#28 Sven The Golden At 9 Months

Image credits: Erika

#29 Not Sure Who’s Happier; Penny, On The Left, Who’s Getting A New Best Friend... Or Rosie, Who Made It All The Way From A Kill Shelter In Oklahoma, And Is Now Coming Home With Us In Nebraska

#30 Here Is My Dog Buddy Who Became A Proud Big Brother On The Day His Sister Was Born

Image credits: Lisa Swannell

#31 This Crazy Girl Is Ready For The Holidays!

Image credits: Jennifer Cornelia

#32 Everyone Meet Rubi!

Image credits: Jade Ashton

#33 Playing Outside Makes Us So Happy

Image credits: Meg Rock Simmons

#34 Okay Now It's Christmas Season

Image credits: Kayla Mac

#35 Gave Him A Compliment - He Blushed

Image credits: Billie Jack

#36 It Was Cassie’s First Gotcha Day Yesterday And She’s Pretty Happy About It

Image credits: Rachel Jezowski

#37 Tiberius Is A Ham

Image credits: Christina Sachi

#38 Tecumseh (English Golden) Enjoys Sitting On His Sister, Chloe

Image credits: Adam Ryan

#39 My Absolute Favorite Picture Of Willow Taken A Couple Years Ago

Image credits: Sarah U. Crosby

#40 Say Hi To Bai Bai! He Is 2 Years And 7 Months Old!

Image credits: Fung Lee

#41 My Summer, Smiley Doggie Wishing You A Happy Day!

Image credits: Col Len

#42 We Went Hiking With A Few Friends. They Captured Our Girl Piper Cheesing (In Front) With Her Best Friend Dash (Back)

Image credits: Abigail Novak

#43 Here's Pebbles Aka Pork Chop. 13 Yrs Old

Image credits: Stephanie Ellen

#44 Baby Baldwin!

Image credits: Wendy Blake-Burden

#45 Marty The Party

Image credits: Steve Butler

#46 Another Smile From Patch

Image credits: Nicolette Moro

#47 Left = Oreo = Father. Right = Milo = Oreo's Son

Image credits: Carrey Balberan

#48 Grizzly Is Happiest At Nap Time!

Image credits: Marisa Buchheit

#49 How About Mr Malekai's Biggest Of Smiles?! This Boy Kills Me

Image credits: Demmy Conway-Grist

#50 Kind Of A Smile Lol

Image credits: Shannon Marie

#51 This Is Henry. He Isn't Officially Our Henry (For A Few More Weeks), But This Sweet Face!!!

Image credits: Lori Cribbs

#52 Odin Isn't Fussed About Mum Giving Him Pretty Pigtails, In Fact He Seems Pretty Happy With It

Image credits: Ché-Dene Jones

#53 When Mom And Dad Tell You They Got Engaged

Image credits: Mollie Culmone

#54 Rescued This Baby Girl From Being Sent To The City Shelter. I Guess You Can Say She’s Happy

Image credits: Benjamin Yanto