Only People With Rare Body Features Joined This Thread And Shared 39 Of Their Body Anomalies

We all have our little quirks... some are more astounding than others. While most humans tend to have commonly shared features like 12 pairs of ribs, or eyes that are typically brown, green, or blue, sometimes features diverge a bit more uniquely. Much like all species on this planet, it is not impossible to encounter variations that simply blow our minds. 

In a recent Reddit post that discussed weird body features, Redditors shared some of their most striking peculiarities. As each commenter shared their individualoftentimes confoundinganomalies, a shared community began to build and others helped to offer a bit of insight on the possible 'why' and 'how' their quirks may exist. Some (possible) explanations were given, while some still remained a mystery.

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#1 My Hearing Is Insane

Insane hearing. I can tell when a car starts a block down the road. When the army base is doing artillary drills 30 miles away. When there's a mouse running through the kitchen. When a squirrel is running through the driveway and crunching leaves.

It makes sleeping a bit difficult. But going to a casino is like a freaking acid trip.

Image credits: Dangercakes13

#2 I Have Acid Tears

Because of a blood disorder I have extremely acidic tears.

My face swells, burns, and I get hives or an allergic reaction.

A couple tears is annoying. Serious crying will eat away at my contacts, I’ll have to use cold compresses, and take antihistamines

Image credits: bitchybarbie82

#3 I Can't Feel Any Temperature

Ever since my brain surgery to remove a tumor I can't feel any temperature

Image credits: thefriendlychef1991

#4 I Have Two Different Ears

I have two different ears. One is wide enough for ear buds, the other isn't. My twin brother has the mismatch on the opposite side.

Image credits: jrbr549

#5 Q-Tips Make Me Cough

I have Arnold's cough reflex. Anytime I stick a q tip in my left ear it triggers my gag reflex. Supposedly it only affects 2% of people

Edit: maybe I shouldn't have used the term gag reflex as I've never thrown up from it. Rather a very aggressive cough like I'm trying to hack something up uncontrollably. Sorry for any confusion. My fiance always thinks it sounds like I'm throwing up that's why I went straight to gag reflex.

Image credits: hearts_unknown_

#6 I Have An Eye Mole!

I have a body mole in my eye, like inside of it and near the pupil

Image credits: Legacy_of_Zero

#7 I Have Rare Symmetrical Eyes

My eyes are symmetrical to the thousandth of an inch. My optometrist said it was rare. Everyone varies a little bit.

While it’s tough to get perfect head rotation towards the camera, I hope being off a pixel or two is good enough.

Image credits: psgrue

#8 I'm Allergic To Water

I have Aquagenic urticaria (water allergy)

Image credits: Nicky_tro

#9 I Have Selective Alopecia

I have alopecia but it doesn’t affect my head at all, have a full head of hair at almost 50…but my legs are bald as a baby’s a*s and I’m a dude.

Image credits: Sukkit74

#10 I Have A Butt Shaped Uvula

I have a bifurcated uvula. That teardrop thing in the back of your throat? Mine is shaped like a butt.

Image credits: cookiesndwichmonster

#11 I Have Very Large Calf Muscles

I have massive calf muscles. It looks like every day is leg day despite not doing weight lifting.

My dad had the same.

Image credits: MaxximumB

#12 I Have A Disconnected Rib

One of my ribs is not connected to my spine

Image credits: all80_000_000fingers

#13 I See Dots All The Time

I have visual snow, it sucks. Basically I see a bunch of dots all time.

Image credits: arcashark38

#14 I Have Bendy Fingers

My fingers can bend backwards & i have a weak muscle in my eye which is when I create suction in my mouth my eyelid goes up fsr

EDIT: Eye thing is called Marcus Gunn phenomenon :)

DOUBLE EDIT: I don't have hyper mobility or anything like that, I'm just built different so my fingees go backwards in a u shape

TRIPLE EDIT: ok i do not have EDS or whatever i just have bendy fingers damn

Image credits: KTtheBread

#15 Being Hungry Makes Me Sneeze

At some point I gotta sneeze when I‘m very hungry….

Image credits: PaceWinter4101

#16 I Have A Concaved Chest

My sternum is concaved, so there's essentially a divet right between my breasts (I'm a guy)

EDIT: sure have learned quite a bit from this thread. I get asked my name a lot, it is Ian from Nebraska.

Apparently it's has an actual medical term (Pectus Excavatum) which is most definitely not a spell out of Harry Potter and way more common than I realized. It even has it's own subreddit (r/pectusexcavatum)

There's an opposite condition where the chest convexes outwards (Pectus Carinatum). If the 2 hug, they fuse into one superbeing.

There are surgeries to repair them but hurt like hell and have a long recovery time. Only recommended if it is a problem in your daily life.

Common uses include cereal bowl (not that I have done it), cell phone holder, candy dish, cuddle spot.

Image credits: Wuropp

#17 I Have Double Uteruses

Two uteruses and two cervixes (AKA: Uterus Didelphys)

Image credits: BaronessVonNap

#18 I Can Wiggle My Eyelashes

I can move my eyelashes left to right!

Image credits: DedicatedSkeleton

#19 I Have Sweaty Feet...when I Don't Wear Socks

I have to wear socks at all times, otherwise my feet start sweating, which makes my hands sweat for some reason. Having sweaty feet is annoying, but sweaty hands are the worst.

Image credits: stupidsexymonkfish

#20 I Have Noisy Knees

My knees makes a lot of noises when I'm crouching down.

My doctor tells me it's normal, but my girlfriend thinks I'm breaking a bone everytime.

Image credits: ackelolzor

#21 I Have An Eerily Low Heart Rate

I have ultra low heart rate. It was in the 50s anyway, but with some endurance training its in the 30s now.

Ive been multiple tested by cardios, 24h holter, all good no pauses or irregularities im good to go. When im in good shape im at 35-36bpm while awake, and down to 30 during sleep.

Maybe if i get in a good shape again, i ll ask for a new holter to see if i break 30bpm during sleep and touch 29 or so.

Some More info:

I don't take any meds that affect my HR. I have a very mild Hypertension that is controlled with (ARBs). Not beta blockers. This is the only med i'm taking. This hasn't affected my HR in any way. My HR was already ultra low before starting the meds.

In fact now in the summer, I'm completely stopped the meds because BP drops naturally.

I don't have any other health condition (appart from orthopedic injuries). I'm 41m and as far as i can remember my HR is as described.

I am mainly a runner but i also swim as secondary or recovery. I do some strength training now and then. I'm not super good runner, just a 40:00 at 10k, but with very little training and i'm always battling with orthopedic injuries.

My max HR is around 175, i always use a HR strap when running (it measures electric signals), i dont trust the wrist optical HR monitors, they are not very accurate.

Needless to say i have never ever taken any other substance-drugs-steroids-hormones etc.

Image credits: BruceDeorum

#22 I Have An Off Centered Belly Button

My belly button is significantly off center.

Image credits: oddidealstronghold

#23 My Ears Don't Match!

My ears are asymmetrical, and I didn’t realize it until my late teens, after which it caused me great angst.

Image credits: CountVonSchilke

#24 My Muscles Causes A 'Rumbling' Sound

I can flex a muscle somewhere in my head and it will produce a buzzing/rumbling sound in my ears. I've told this to people in my social circle but no one can do it.

Image credits: KiroSkr

#25 My Arm Span Is 7 Feet

I’m 6’6”, but I have a 7-foot arm span.

Image credits: RifleShower

#26 I Have More Than Two Nips

I have 4 nipples

Image credits: Maddie3513

#27 My Ears Are Cartilage Free

I have no cartilage in my ears. Flaps like dumbo.

Image credits: Seasandshores

#28 I Had Teenage Arthritis And A Huge Butt

I developed arthritis at 16 years old, also I have a massive a*s for a dude. Double cheeked up.

Image credits: Baazify

#29 I Have Grey Eyes, Heavy Bones, And Can't Swim

Really, really high bone density. X-ray images look like cartoon skeletons. No one can tell me exact what’s going on.

I have grey eyes. No color. Like a black and white eye.

I also have, if I understood the cardiologist correctly, 20 pacemaker nodes? Which … could be good? Or bad? The doctor didn’t offer an opinion one way or the other.

Edit: this is popular. To FAQ here:

Eye color from a little while ago:

Grey to Grey-green to blue. To me, in the mirror in my bathroom, they just look grey. But that could be just the way I see them. AFAIK I’m not colorblind. (I pass the tests).

Swimming: I can swim. I cannot float - not even when I hold my breath.

I don’t have any x-ray pics - and hopefully I won’t have the occasion to get any anytime soon. But in the off chance that I do, I’ll post it.

The Game is going to flag me for talking about my bones - and I’m going to break everything, all at once.

Update 2: a few of y’all have mentioned Wolff-Parkinson-White and after reading up on it a little, given that I had some premature ventricular contractions in my late teens, (much older now) and my heart rate has always been a little higher than average, regardless of how fit I was - it never seemed to go up or down much - I’m going to go get checked out. Better safe than sorry.

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#30 My Eye Color Is...grey

I have grey eyes and a fused tooth

Image credits: BoohooBandit

#31 My Rib Cage Isn't Quite Centered

I have an asymmetrical ribcage

Image credits: DrChefAstronaut

#32 My Armpit Hair Doesn't Match The Rest On My Body

All my hair on my body is brown except in my armpits, it's blonde.

#33 My Hands Are Really Small

I have pretty small hands compared to my body

Image credits: Existing-As-A-Woman

#34 I Have Extra Toenails

I've got ten toes but 12 toenails.

#35 I Have A Heat Allergy

I’m basically allergic to heat (urticaria)

I can kind of „dislocate“ my thumbs without touching them.

Idk how to explain it any better

Edit: It’s crazy how many of you can relate to the urticaria, I’ve never met someone who has it as well. If you asked me a question and I didn’t reply feel free to shoot me a dm, especially if you asked about medication or think you might have it too

#36 I Have A Weird Beating Heart

I have a rare heart disease, it's called Wolff Parkinson white, and so when i am attached to a heart monitor my heart rate is different then everyone else - it beats weird

Image credits: kodythehoedy

#37 My Left Eyelid Raises When I Open My Mouth

I can dislocate my thumb for ez and when I open my mouth my left eye lid goes up, because the nerve of the lid is connected to the nerve to my chin.

That´s why I wouldnt go for a dinner on the first date xD

Image credits: IIITysonIII

#38 My Kneecap Is A Two-Parter

my kneecap is in 2 parts.

Image credits: jackass___

#39 Genetics Gave Me Large Calves

I have naturally huge trap and calf muscles. I didnt think much of them until college and then dudes started asking me for tips. Specifically my calves because well you can see them when I wear shorts. I just had to say genetics when asked.