Oprah Winfrey Admits She Worries For The State Of Her Country

Oprah Winfrey is opening up about her ongoing concerns about the United States.

In a new interview with wellness author Deepak Chopra on his upcoming podcast, “Mind Body Zone: Living Outside the Box”, the mogul was asked if she had any fears, and while she said, “No,” Winfrey admitted she has “worries.”

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“I worry about the country. I worry about where we are as a country,” the 67-year-old actress explained. “And the word isn’t even worry. I see the distance and the inability of various sides and factions to hear each other. I can see this kind of spiralling into the lack of truth on the part of a lot of individuals and you and I both know that can lead ultimately to no good.”

She added, “So I think about those things, but I don’t fear those things.”

But Winfrey admits there are larger factors at play that help her not worry.

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“The favour and the hand of something, the energetic force field of something other than my own mind and personality are at work here,” she said.

Winfrey also reflected on Maya Angelou telling her that her legacy is “never one thing.”

“Your legacy is everything,” she said. “Your legacy is every life you have touched.”