Owa Owa Meaning On TikTok- Everything On Pudgy The Dog AKA Pudgywoke

Owa Owa Meaning On TikTok: Everything On Pudgy The Dog AKA Pudgywoke The latest trend on TikTok, Owa Owa meaning explained!
Owa Owa Dog on TikTok is on trend recently. Pudgywoke aka Owa Owa dog on Tiktok has created headlines after being viral on the video-sharing platform TikTok. 
The long-haired chihuahua has made more than 4..8 million followers by making a strange and funny sound of Owa Owa. So, he is been referred to as Owa Owa dog due to the sound he makes. 
The pup is estimated to between 11 and 12 years of age and was rescued from an abusive home by Malachy James. The dog was about 5 years old when James and he met for the first time.  What Does Owa Owa Mean?
The famous name came after an instance when he barked Owa Owa on his owner’s earphones. 
Pudgy the famous chihuahua, has been viral on the internet or specifically in TikTok in recent days. He is also referred to as Owa Owa dog. Cause of this reference comes from the sound he makes.
Malachy James confirms that Pudgy used to make strange sounds and noises since they first met when Pudgy was just 5 years old.
How Owa Owa Dog Got Rescued By James?
Pudgy was roaming streets after he had fleed from an abusive home when a friend of James’ elder brother found him and left it with James Malachy. James says he felt an instant connection with the dog as he first saw him and quickly decided to adopt him.  @pudgywoke #stitch with @robersonroyalty #fyp #foryou #foryoupage ♬ DRYASSMACNCHEESE – Pudgywoke Pudgy according to his owner is a very positive, calm, and sweet little dog. Pudgy may seem hectic but he has a very opposite nature, James says. Malachy is also a social media influencer himself so he had planned to introduce his dog to the viewers from his account. 
Things went south for James after he realized he used his backup account instead but, not after long, he was amazed by the response from his viewers. 
In this first video, Pudgy responded to James with a strange sound that sounded similar to a broken fax machine. Then, things quickly escalated and the rest is all over the place.