Paeka De Gallo and Amador TikTok Account and Drama Exposed

Paeka De Gallo and Amador TikTok Account and Drama Exposed Internet stars Paeka De Gallo and Amador’s TikTok drama is finally exposed. Here’s what we know!
TikTok personalities Paeka De Gallo and Amador are currently trending after a drama started on TikTok and continued on YouTube.
Paeka De Gallo a.k.a Paeka Campos is a 19-year-old TikTok personality from Austin, Texas. She is mostly famous for her dance and lipsync videos.
As of now, Paeka has 1.8 million followers on the short video-sharing site.
Apart from TikTok, Paeka is also famous across other social media platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.
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Paeka De Gallo And Amador TikTok Drama Exposed
Paeka De Gallo and Amador’s drama initially started from TikTok after the two made a collaborative video.
In the footage, the two can be seen dancing as Amador gropes Paeka’s buttocks. But, the clip gave rise to a controversy only after Amador shared a second video.
In a similar TikTok, Amador was seen with another woman, but this time he didn’t touch her back. When a follower asked him the reason behind it, Amador replied that Paeka insisted him to keep his hands on her back.
Paeka immediately saw his comment and pushed back, claiming that Amador was lying.
In response, Amador also released a YouTube video titled The Lies Must Be Stopped. In the 14-minute-long clip, the TikTok star defends his previous statements about Paeka and mentions that he didn’t about anything.
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Paeka De Gallo On TikTok And Instagram
Paeka De Gallo is a famous TikTok personality with 178 million likes on her account.
She goes by the username @paekadegallo and has 1.8 million followers as of 2021.
Apart from TikTok, Paeka is also popular on sites like Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.
At the moment, Gallo has 599k followers on Instagram, 103k subscribers on YouTube, and 164.1k followers on Twitter.