Parent Admits To Feeding Daughter’s Friend Meat Despite Her Family Raising Her Vegan

Every household has its own rules and no way is the wrong way. (If we disregard extreme examples, of course). So, when a parent raises their child a certain way, whether it’s due to their culture, ethics, or health, others should respect these decisions. And that includes the kid’s friend and their family who are having the little ones over for a sleepover.

This dad, however, doesn’t see it that way. Reddit user u/believeblackbodies has admitted to feeding his daughter’s 12-year-old buddy meat even though she’s following a strict vegan diet at home. At first glance, you might think why is this such a big deal. After all, the man isn’t deceiving the little girl and she knows what she is stuffing inside her mouth — it’s her choice. And you might have a point.

But she’s twelve and he’s doing so without her parents knowing.

Image credits: Andra (not the actual photo)

Image credits: believeblackbodies

Some people think the man is out of his mind

But some believe he’s acting within reason

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