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Pastor Stewart Allen Clark’s recent comments on how a wife should look have brought controversy and wide criticism.
Stewart-Allen Clark is reportedly the pastor of the First General Baptist Church in Malden.
The pastor came to massive social media criticisms and headlines after he made some rather crude comments about “fat wives”. In the video that has gone viral, he pointed towards women of above-average size and asked them to lose weight to look more like Melania Trump.
In the same video, Clark also compared the former first lady to a winning trophy. He also indicated that the wives should at least try to look like a participation trophy.
Quick Facts:Name
Stewart-Allen Clark
About 5 feet 11 inches
Married Stewart-Allen Clark said married women should aspire to look like Melania Trump, whom he called the 'epic trophy wife of all time'
— TheBlaze (@theblaze) March 6, 2021 Pastor Stewart Allen Clark Wife Photo
After such comments, many people actually wanted to see Pastor Stewart Allen Clark’s wife’s photos; unfortunately, that is not available at the moment.
Furthermore, the pastor himself went on a holiday after making such comments about oversized wives. On top of that, he cannot be found on social media too because of which we cannot exactly show his personal life and wife.
Nonetheless, Kansas City magazine has reported his wife to have been robust but recently has gone to lose weight.
However, Clark himself looks overweight which has led to many pointing out the hypocrisy.
How Old Is Pastor Stewart Allen Clark?
Pastor Stewart Allen Clark’s age appears to be in the mid-forties looking at his pictures.
While the man looks middle-aged by appearance, the exact details about his age and birthdate are yet to be known.
Following his disrespectful comments, the General baptists Council of Associations has forwarded an investigation on Clark. I’m gonna need Stewart Allen Clark, the pastor who told women to slim down, pretty up and look more like Melania Trump to slim down, tone out, and look more like Henry Cavill.
— ⚜️ Gretchen ⚜️ (@GMWhitehair) March 6, 2021 Stewart Allen Clark Instagram Bio
The pastor Stewart Allen Clark can’t be found on social networking sites, including Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.
He used to have LinkedIn and other contact media but appears to have removed all of them before he went on leave. Because of that, he neither can be found on social media nor can be contacted.
However, the public didn’t let the man go free after such harsh comments.
People took to Twitter and other media to make heavy criticisms regarding Stewart’s own weight and his comments. Some of them even went on to criticize Melania Trump who wasn’t even involved.