Pat Shortt got "buck naked" for the Gleeson brothers in new comedy

Killinasully creator and actor Pat Shortt said that he got "buck naked" for the Gleeson brohters' new Channel 4 comedy Frank of Ireland.

The series, which debuted on Thursday April 15, saw millions of UK viewers tune in to see a Pat bare his behind on the sitcom.

Written by Peaky Blinders actor Brian Gleeson and his brother, Ex Machina and About Time star Domhnall Gleeson, alongside Your Bad Self creator Michael Moloney, Frank Of Ireland is a curious blend of physical comedy underpinned by delightfully dark humour.

The opening episode featured lead character Frank walking into his mother's bedroom to find Pat hiding naked behind curtains, a situation made further complicated (and hilarious) as Pat's character Padraig is the dad of Frank's ex Aine who he wants to win back.

Pat told Ken Sweeney of the Irish Sun:"Brian pulls back the curtain and finds me standing there, buck naked, as if there's nothing wrong.

"I don't usually take off my clothes but if the scene is funny and true to the character, I'll go for it.

"We had a closed set and it turned out hilarious.

"The script of Frank of Ireland did remind me of the first Father Ted scripts, which were anarchic madness with no filters on the characters. I thought Ted was bonkers on the first read and this has the same appeal.

"The Gleeson boys and their writing partner Mick all went to school together so they have the same sense of humour. They took huge chances with the dialogue and reading it made me laugh out loud."

The pilot episode was well received by fans and critics alike with, comedy actor Charlie Higson of classic sketch show The Fast Show tweeting: "Much enjoying Frank of Ireland. Unashamedly funny."

And one Twitter user raved: "Quite enjoying the madness of Frank of Ireland so far. A Father Ted meets Young Offenders but super dark vibe."

Luckily for the showrunners, production began before the first lockdown was announced in March 2020.

"We only had two weeks left to go before we were caught out by Covid in March. We did the rest in August. It was a blast," Pat told the newspaper.

Frank of Ireland airs on Channel 4 each Thursday night at 10pm and is also available on Amazon Prime.