Paul Hollywood begs Great British Bake Off viewers to stop trolling finalist

The Great British Bake Off final is on Tuesday, but the finalists that have reached it have caused some anger online.

If you haven't seen the semi-final, there are spoilers ahead.

Got it?


On Tuesday just gone, we saw Hermine become the latest baker to be knocked out of the reality show.

Patisserie week saw her crash out, with Laura also performing poorly.

When the results were called out by host Noel Fielding, Twitter exploded with unhappy viewers demanding that Hermine should be going through to the final instead of Laura.

Laura was targeted by trolls as a result, responding yesterday.

"It's ok to be sad your favourite person didn't go through, but please remember it's not my fault. I don't make the decisions. GBBO is all about kindness and I haven't seen much of that on here." she said in her first tweet.

She continued her statement by adding:

"It's easy to sit there on your sofa and judge. But I am a real person with feelings. Please take a moment to consider your words before you judge someone you've never met and whose food you've never tasted."

Laura was backed up by GBBO judge Paul Hollywood amid the backlash.

Paul posted a screenshot of a statement he had written regarding the treatment of Laura following the airing of the show.

"I've heard of some sad people trolling Laura, it's disgusting behaviour" he began.

"Those of you who may not be aware how Bake Off works or new to the series may have missed what we have always done on Bake Off judging," wrote Hollywood.

"Each week stands on its own!! It never matters what any baker has done in previous weeks.

"Even if you win 4/5 star bakers and then have a bad week you will be at risk of going sadly. It's the rule that has been in place for 11 years!!"


"Also I only give out handshakes in signature [rounds] not in Showstopper or technical, there was one exception three years ago... stop trolling any of the bakers!!

"Remember Prue and I can actually smell and eat the bakes... Bring on the final X"

Replying to Hollywood's post on Instagram, Laura showed her appreciation. "Thank you Paul that really means a lot to me," she wrote.

Rahul Mandal, who won Bake Off in 2018, added his support. "Thanks so much for clarifying this Paul," he posted.

"It means so much for all of us bakers. I hope people will understand and try to be kinder with bakers."