Paul Ryan for President? – Opinion

Paul Ryan was once one of the nation’s most influential politicians. He decided to step down as Republican Speaker of Congress to be able to serve on lucrative boards such as Fox News, the Reagan Library Foundation and others. Ryan’s role in overseeing the Republican win of the House of Representatives at the 2018 Midterms was soon forgotten.

In the past four years, Ryan’s forays from private citizen back into the public square seem to happen about once a year. In May of 2021, Ryan made a really terrible speech at the Reagan Library about the future of the Republican Party, and decided to do more Republican campaign fundraisers, putting his “weight” behind J6 Committee darlings Ill. Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Cryer) and Wyo. Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Egregious). Kinzinger has decided to retire, and I bet that any money raised will go into Republican coffers. So far, it appears like Cheney will lose her seat. However, Cheney does have a well-known CNN gig to help cushion the blow.

Ryan was also present to support Ketanji brown Jackson as she validated her judicial fitness.

Ryan apparently has family ties to controversial KBJ. The twin brother of KBJ’s husband is married to Paul Ryan’s sister-in-law.

Politicians are ruled by nepotism.

Ryan is currently running for South Carolina Rep. Tom Rice. Rice was among the 10 Republicans that voted to impeach President Donald J. Trump. Russell Fry, a state representative from South Carolina is challenging Rice for his principled stand for democracy. Trump has endorsed Rice, along with Dr. Garrett Barton (Horry County Board Chairman), and Barbara Arthur, a Christian speaker. All of the candidates appear to be well-funded, and this South Carolina primary on June 14th will be a great one.

Ryan’s company continues to be kept: anti Trump, anti America First, GOP Elite, GOP-Elite, politically connected donors, globalists. So, it is amazing that in this political climate, where his class of politician is becoming more despised by the populace, that he steps back into the fray with this “wisdom.”

Starting at The Washington Times:

Former House Speaker Paul D. Ryan said Thursday there are a lot of digital-age “entertainers” in Congress who are making it difficult to find common ground and forge legislative solutions for the country.

Mr. Ryan, speaking to CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” said that 10 years ago, lawmakers tried to climb a “meritocracy” in Congress.

laughing/crying* emoji>

Jack Kemp, an ex-Republican from New York and former Housing Secretary under George H.W. Bush. Ryan, a Kemp and Ayn Rand fan and policy geek is proud to be one. Nothing wrong with nerds, but let’s be honest: the ability to negotiate, govern, or lead was never his strong suit, and it showed in his three years as House Speaker.

“The measurement of success was policy and persuasion: Could you persuade your colleagues, your country, your constituents, ‘This is the right way to go, here’s a solution?’” Mr. Ryan said. “That’s not necessarily what motivates people anymore. There’s a lot of entertainers in Congress in both parties.”

So which is more effective: being boring and having crap policies that you don’t push well, or being an “entertainer” with sound policies that you push effectively? It sounds like Ryan is exposing the fact that he is 1) not entertaining, or even interesting; and, 2) he failed his own measurement because he didn’t have good policies and wasn’t persuasive either.

Ryan became House Speaker back in 2015. ForbesHe said it:

Ryan is viewed as a compromise guy: one who is willing to take a position on issues important to him, like tax reform, but not so entrenched in partisan politics that he’s not willing to reach across the aisle. He has pledged to bring Republicans back together and move forward, saying after the vote, “We have an obligation here in the people’s house to do the people’s business.”

Ryan left Congress and fled with his party.

  • Ryan left Obamacare in place, despite his claims that he would repeal it during every Republican presidential campaign.

  • Ryan’s great wonk goals of reducing entitlement programs like Medicaid and Social Security fell on deaf ears and were quickly forgotten.

  • He left the party more split than when he began, and Liz Cheney was removed as House GOP leader.

It is apparent that Ryan persuaded no one, didn’t get the people’s business done, and divided, rather than unified. His relationship with the Freedom Caucus Republicans was the most obvious example.

Below is what Ryan, a 2018 retirement candidate from conservative blogs said about him:

Paul Ryan’s retirement from Congress marks the end for one of the most prominent Republicans of his generation. Even before taking the role of Speaker of the House, Ryan had managed to become, in the words of Mitt Romney, the “intellectual leader” of the post-Bush GOP. Unfortunately Ryan’s story can be seen as nothing but a tragedy. He is, on the surface, a decent man. However, he betrayed almost every cause he believed he was passionate about.

No kidding. We didn’t need an “intellectual leader;” we needed someone who actually led. These Low-T twins are still controversial among conservatives.

Ryan is said to have chosen a different route. He decided to be an outsider/insider and pontificate as an elder stateman. This has brought him little fame, but also a great deal of success. However, we now have an electorate that really doesn’t give a damn about who he is or what he has to say. Ryan, sadly, didn’t understand the message and is now making greater efforts to get into the national conversation. He also plans to take steps to ensure his spot in the public eye a second-time.

Good. Luck, With. That.

Former Vice President Mike Pence is laying the ground for a 2024 presidential run laughing/crying* emoji>. It wouldn’t strain credulity that Pence would like to draw Ryan in, either as his running mate or as part of his cabinet.

There’s also this:

Paul Ryan, For President 2024: From a Ryan PAC To Recruit Him to The Presidency

Ryan, and not Ryan, are trying to garner support for a Ryan/Cheney 2024 ticket. This is jaw-droppingly and breathtaking.

It would make for a great entertainment.

Good luck! With that!