People Are Joining This Thread Ranting About Overhyped Foods They Don’t Understand And Here Are 34 Of Them

It is probably impossible to find a food that everyone loves, there will always be someone who hates it with all their heart. Even the most common things that a lot of recipes may contain. It is interesting how different people can eat the same thing, but have a different reaction to the taste or even perceive it differently. 

Even though the Latin maxim says that there is no point in disputing tastes, people love to give their opinions on food. Reddit user jamboamericano wanted to know people’s opinions on foods that are hyped up but “quite simply suck.” They received 3k responses so take a look at the most popular ones that quite a lot of people agreed on.

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#1 Starbucks


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#2 Very Spicy Chili

I don't get the appeal of chili that is made to be as hot and spicy as humanly possible, to the point that it hurts to eat it. "I make my chili with the five hottest peppers known to man and a dash of snake venom to kick it up a notch" Why?

That, and tofu.

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#3 Caviar


I feel like whoever buys that s**t doesn't actually like it and uses it to flaunt their money

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#4 Vegan Cheese

Vegan cheese

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#5 Oysters

Oysters, I've never tried them and I never want to, they just look like big boogers to me, sorry for the mental image.

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#6 Macarons

Macarons. Expensive air cookies that still manage to stick to your teeth.

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#7 Instagram Food

Instagram food (so foods with so much added nonsense just for the sake of a photo, not for taste)

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#8 Pickled Eggs

Pickled eggs, pickled pigs feet, etc. Can't do it nope.

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#9 Lutefisk


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#10 Liver


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#11 Kombucha

Kombucha. I know it is a drink, but still

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#12 Lobster

Lobster. I uh, I don't get it. It always tastes a bit flavorless and just alright to me. Then I see people dip it in butter and yea thats fine and all and it tastes great, but then I get the feeling I'm just tasting the butter and what the f**k is the point of this $30 dish exactly?

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#13 Candy Corn

Candy corn, s***s a*s

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#14 Taco Bell

This will not be popular…Taco Bell.

Only edible if it’s absolutely drenched in hot sauce. It’s mushy, bland, makes me bloated, and strangely, sometimes gives me a headache. 2 out of 5 times found a hair in the burrito. I gave up.

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#15 Kale

Kale. I don’t care how it’s prepared, there’s just no point to it.

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#16 Mushy Peas

As someone from the UK I don't get why so many people here love mushy peas. I find peas relatively tasteless and gross as they are, mushing them just makes the texture gross as well

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#17 Hot Cheetos

Hot Cheetos. I absolutely love spicy foods but they taste like bleeda**. whatever that means

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#18 Vegemite


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#19 Ranch Dressing

Ranch dressing. It’s vile. People put it on EVERYTHING. gross. Just stop it.

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#20 Beets

Beets. My wife tried to convince me to like them by saying "they taste like dirt!" Needless to say, this was an ineffective approach.

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#21 Truffle Oil

Truffle oil

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#22 Five Guys

Five Guys. Not sure if it’s the same as in the US (I’m in the UK) or I just got a dodgy meal but it was just greasy overpriced mess.

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#23 Nutella


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#24 Takis

Takis ..

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#25 Pop Tarts

Pop tarts

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#26 Raisins


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#27 Zucchini Pasta

Zucchini pasta

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#28 Popcorn

I don't think it sucks but I don't get why popcorn is so cherished.

I don't like the flavor, the texture, or the f*****g kernels that get stuck in my teeth. The smell is always terrible to me and it lingers.

But what I really hate is having to explain to people offering it to me that I actually don't like popcorn, no, I really don't, yes, even that type, yes it's a popular snack, no, I really don't like it.

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#29 Avocado


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#30 Kimchi

Kimchi, it just doesn't taste as interesting as people say it does

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#31 Sweet Potato

Food: Sweet potato

Drink: Kombucha

I can't understand the enjoyment of either, as both taste like dirt

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#32 Shrimp

Shrimp, and any other sea-roaches

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#33 Olives


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#34 Seafood

Seafood. It stinks, it looks gross, and every time I've been convinced to try it it's been rank. My husband and I have agreed many times that we'd have to be starving to death before we ever considered seafood as a meal. I do not understand how anybody can enjoy it. It creates a visceral negative reaction in me.