People Are Revealing Things They Can’t Afford Anymore Due To Rising Inflation, And Here Are Their 41 Eye-Opening Answers

While the Euro zone inflation hits a record 8.6% as the European Central Bank prepares for its first rate hike in 11 years, the rest of the world is also experiencing rising costs of virtually everything.

In the US, costs of necessities yet again skyrocketed in May, leaving the US with a new 40-year high in inflation. Think of gas, food, energy, rent, flight prices, and all other basic necessities. Households across the country are experiencing unprecedented pressures, making them less able to afford discretionary items like electronics or haircuts.

So it’s not simply you who can no longer feast on Starbucks lattes. We’re talking about lower-income and Black and Hispanic Americans, in particular, who are struggling beyond the point that should be humanly acceptable.

This thread also sheds light on how inflation is not only changing people’s habits, lifestyles, and daily choices, but altering their livelihoods. “What have you given up recently due to rising costs?” someone asked recently on Reddit, hitting very close to home for too many people who shared their very honest responses.


Going to the doctor. If I die I die

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Red meat, tomatoes, a lot of fruits and veggies, heating in a wooden house that gets to minus 4, I'm living off a lot of rice, beans, pasta, no treats like yoghurt anymore, turning off every single power point except for the room I'm in. I get sort of warm with a hot water bottle and blankets. I'm making my own dog and cat food. Times are tough and they're only going to keep getting tougher. I don't have anything left to give up except for my medications that are keeping my alive. I'm terminally ill and only have a year or eighteen months left but this isn't living its honestly just existing. If I give up the meds it'll all go away but my animals keep me hanging on.

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Driving. Covid started it, gas prices finished it. I’m a hermit.

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Living in the U.S.

I've been doing a lot of traveling recently and literally everywhere I've been from Latin America to Europe, the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, has been cheaper to live. Not only that but their social laws are better, and there's an understanding that health care and access to affordable housing with amenities is a basic human right.

I'm currently in the process of acquiring my EU passport so I can have other options.

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the idea of having children

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I'm not taking my kids on any vacation or trips this year and it makes me so sad. As a single mom I just can't make it happen and that's my favorite thing to do with/for them once a year.

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Dreams of owning a home this year lol

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Having kids…sorry but a horrible decision from a financial stand point. One parent at home used to be possible now both parents have to work leaving strangers to take care of and raise your children

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I've kind of given up on being proposed to right now. We have more important things like gas, bills, and food.

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Being a stay-at-home mom. We originally did it because we couldn't afford daycare, but now he's starting kindergarten this year and I've already started looking for jobs because we can no longer afford for me to stay home.


I’m currently living alone for the first time and loving my peace and solitude. But everything is getting so expensive that I’m considering going back to living with a roommate. It’s heartbreaking but I’m trying to come to terms with it.

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Impromptu road trips

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Concerts are a thing of the past

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I wanted to for a long time but the rising costs ($60 +/-$10aud for a 25g pouch) became almost insulting and I just felt stupid paying to slowly kill myself. Ridiculous.

Gl to anyone trying to quit, it's really hard

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Subscriptions like Netflix and streaming services, Amazon prime, and Patreon. Coffees from the cafe, most fruit (unless frozen) and pretty much all veg (there’s a massive shortage in Australia and it’s so expensive if available at all). Given up driving due to cost of petrol too

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Junk food and desserts. If it can't be made into a meal with nutrients then I'm not getting it. I almost stopped buying meat altogether, veggies are way cheaper, and frozen veggies/fruit never go bad. If it's not bills or essential then I'm not getting it. I've lost a lot of weight because of my sudden diet changes so thats cool I guess.

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Doggy daycare. I know it’s a luxury & we’ll be fine but not being able to do that for my pups has been a downer.

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No more lash extensions. Also not going out to eat as often, stopped getting drinks at coffee shops unless I don’t have time to make my own and cut out a lot of online shopping.

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I'm getting extremely frustrated trying to have a savings account


Makeup. I used to be the person that wore it every day and enjoyed application, and practicing techniques/experimenting with colours. I can’t afford to paint my face for fun when cauliflower is $8 a head (not that I can afford fresh produce now either, but you catch my drift).

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I've cut down on how much coffee I drink. I don't buy expensive coffee but the coffee I like has doubled in price in the last couple months. Instead of having 3ish cups a day, I have maybe one. Maybe. Some days I don't have any.

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My grocery list has shorten.


Hot showers.

Gas prices in Germany rise in an insane amount, so no more hot water. Lukewarm will have to do


After three years of trying for a baby, with one ectopic, one chemical pregnancy, and two failed IUIs, it seems like I need to start coming to terms with the fact that we just cannot afford more fertility treatments. Insurance doesn't cover a penny. With the prices of everything going up, how can I afford to spend $1k in medications alone (for one cycle supply) for another IUI? If we decided to do IVF, it would cost us around $12k. It would be worth it if we knew either treatment would work, but there's no way to know that. It's heartbreaking. I had to call up the clinic to tell them we are sitting it out for now.

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Buying stuff that's not on sale


Doing things spontaneously. Now, I need to sit down and look at my budget before getting in the car and driving to the beach or going out for a meal.

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Sex has an astronomical price tag. I can’t afford the stress and financial strain of a UTI and the government thinks I'm going to have a human?


Vaping. For my health mostly but I don’t wanna pay for it anymore either

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Sushi, but also bird seed for the wild cats prescription cat food. Canceling my health insurance.

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My roommate is terrible, but every time I look at rent prices for a one-bedroom, I start to think that maybe my situation is not so bad

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Fresh food. Even though it's not the best for my body, frozen foods are a good investment for preserving most fruits and vegetables these days.


My privacy. All three of my children, plus my granddaughter have moved back in with me since Feb. All of them have good jobs, my two boys are Military, but rent prices are so high. They all help with the bills, because I can’t afford to cover the increase in food and utilities but it’s crowded.

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I’m actively eating more vegetarian dishes because meat is so expensive. Learning to make more bean and lentil dishes to save on grocery costs. My boyfriend and I will be first-time homeowners this summer and I definitely foresee us losing a bit of weight due to changes in eating.


I've found that freezing and meal-prepping as much food as possible saves money. If you can dilute what you cook with water or a cheap ingredient, you can add more seasonings to help with the lack of flavor. Half of my meals are now either rice, beans, chopped salads, and soups. If you also cook with more seasoning and spices, it keeps leftovers from spoiling as quickly.

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My personal trainer/gym membership. I am slowly trying to build a mini at home gym at least.

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I’ve changed to a cheaper hairdresser, no longer have gel nail treatments, bought no new clothes for Summer, no takeaways, no Netflix, no new plants for the garden…. and it’s just a drop in the ocean. Not even close to enough.

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Eating healthier. I had just gotten to the point where I could buy organic produce and non-processed foods that I felt much better about eating. I can no longer justify it. Seriously, have you looked at fruit prices? Let alone organic


Spotify. And I always have to reconsider if I was thinking of driving somewhere more than 30 miles round trip

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Will be taking my hair extensions out in the next few weeks (nano rings) had them for years and they make me feel so confident because my hair is thin. (£70 maintenance per 8 weeks) I just can’t justify it anymore. I’ll have to accept my natural hair for the first time in my life.


Cigarettes, coloring my hair, going out to eat, and don’t go up north to our cabin as much. Basically we do nothing and go nowhere.

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I no longer get my nails done, and I use boxed hair gloss instead of getting my hair dyed at a salon. It doesn’t cover my grays or look particularly good, but it’s a tenth of the cost of hiring a professional to balayage my waist-length hair:(