People Share 45 ‘Red Flags’ That Make Them Instantly Swipe Left On Dating Apps

Swipe! A mere flick of a finger is all it takes for you to find that perfect match made in heaven. Well, at least it would in an ideal world. Because these days, venturing into the dating arena often feels like spinning a wheel of fortune where only a lucky few encounter carefully-curated online personas that actually meet reality.

The chances of meeting someone kind and compassionate sometimes seem extremely low. And despite taking plenty of precautions, there's a strong possibility a potential candidate will shatter every last bit of hope for your dreamy relationship into pieces. So it's best to arm yourself with knowledge about the red flags to look out for to ensure that your efforts don't go to waste.

"When it comes to dating apps, what is an automatic 'pass' for you?" asked Redditor LuckyC1723 and it sparked an illuminating thread on 'Ask Reddit'. People immediately jumped to the comment section to share their takes about the biggest turn-offs that make them swipe left without a second thought. We at Bored Panda have rounded up some of the most memorable responses to share with you all, so continue scrolling! Upvote the ones you agree with and be sure to weigh in with your own suggestions down below.


A profile that's just a list of demands. "Don't be this, don't do this, spend money on me, do this, do that, etc."

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"Special relationship with God." Nope!

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Calling themselves an “alpha”.

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Weird anime pictures or memes instead of a normal

Picture of them

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If any statement includes "if you can't handle", nah, I'm out.

Because if she can't handle me at my most selective, then she doesn't deserve me at my most openminded.

Also, demanding that you be original while her profile is exactly the same as 99% of other women's profiles, f**k that.

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"Find out ;)"

I don't know if it's common everywhere, but it is in my region.

Sir, if I wanted to find anything out, I'd hire a private detective. And you're not worth the money.

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“I’m actually 20, idk why it says 24 lol”

Or something to that effect.

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any mention of "crypto"

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When I was on dating apps, number one thing that made me pass was kids.

Respect to anyone who's making it work, I am friends with single parents and it's f*****g rough. But I do not like kids and even if I did I am not at a point in my life where I can be a parental figure.


anyone with guns/dead animals or trump on the profile


Talk too much about who they want and not enough about who they are

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Girls with beautyfilters are a no go for me


When I (24F) was on the apps before meeting my current bf, I would swipe left automatically for the following reasons:

-shirtless pics, 9/10 clothed pics look more genuine and overall attractive IMO

-any office quote, it’s so overused and corny

-“let’s hang and see where things go”, I know exactly where things will go, it’ll be going towards a swipe to the left

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Thinking smoking weed is a personality trait

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single word replies to everything with no effort to make conversation.

if you weren't interested, why tf did you match.

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"Just seeing what's out there."

You want to borrow my binoculars? They'll probably help you look around better.

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“I can’t date you if you are an aquarium ?‍♀️♒️?”

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People who behave like they're too good for you. Instant no.

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"I'm here for a good time, not a long one"

I don't take issue if you want to live your life like that, but if I have to hear the phrase again I'm gonna hide in a space shuttle and get off while I'm on the moon.

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Likes Jordan Peterson. Hard pass.

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"Don't be boring"

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I’m surprised I haven’t seen this one, but “Only here for just friends”

…that’s what Bumble BFF is for. Did you forget the main intention of Tinder?

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A blank profile that doesn't say anything about them. Like an IG or snapchat handle...that's it. And then you go to their IG and it's private and their bio is something like "Not here often follow me on snapchat" and you go to their snapchat and it's like "Not here often. Subscribe to my only fans" then you go to their onlyfans goes on and on and on..

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People who take photos of themselves pretending to be asleep. So cringe.

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Posing in front of a BMW/Mercedes/Porsche etc.

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“I can probably out smoke you” ye that’s not a flex Makayla

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When they start listing what they don't want, stuff like "don't talk to me if you're under 6'0" tall"


"future milf" /

"can probably outsmoke/drink you" /

"5'6 cause it matters" /

"let me meet your dog" /

"hmu with your best pickup line" /

"I made this as a joke"

Just be creative, for f**k's sake. People who use these tired lines are basically signaling that all they have going for them is their looks.

One more thing: if you're almost exclusively posting yourself in a bikini, I'm not interested. Not because I'm a prude or anything, but some girls' profiles look like an 1800's slave auction with the way they advertise themselves. It makes me feel like a pervert. It signals to me that they pride themselves on their looks instead of their character. Men aren't as shallow as people think they are. A lot of us can see through that s**t.

I'm interested to see what women experience on the other end of Tinder. It's probably much, much worse.

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When they have so many filters and only close up shots from the chin up.


People who brag about paying their own bills like it isn’t already something you’re supposed to be doing.


“Aspiring milf” I swear every time I swipe I see at least five of these, come up with some original to put in a bio at least like damn

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"I don't care about your vaxx status"


Hunting photos

All the photos are of groups of people

All the photos are of animals or scenery

Only 1 photo


Condescension. Focus on what they don’t want/like instead of what they do. Lack of effort in writing their bio. Zoomed in pictures of abs.

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Listing religion as a requirement. That is, not if it lists "Religion: Christian" or something, but when they say something like "Must be interested in improving his relationship with Jesus".

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“Make me laugh.”


I’m in a happy relationship currently, but any use of the language “high/low value male/female”


Works at: “Nonya business” and/or “Dunder Mifflin”. So overplayed.

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People who are super political in their bio. If all you have to say about yourself is your political affiliation, I already know it's gonna be a headache to talk to you in text or person.


Height requirements kind of bum me out... I'm 6'2", likely to be taller than any woman I match with, it's just... I don't see myself getting along with anyone who would make that such a set-in-stone priority that it's in their profile.

Naming country music as one of their interests is also a bit of a gray flag. Not a knock on the genre or its fans, it's just usually an indicator that we're not speaking the same language.


I have a one photo pass rule. Even if they're super attractive if they only have a single photo it's a pass

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There are some profiles where people are obviously angry at their lack of success in finding a hook-up or relationship or whatever. Stuff like “I doubt anyone here is even real.” Or “I hate profile questions, just message me.” Or “I’m not interested in going 20 rounds in chat. Message me if you want a real man and a real date.”

The lack of effort tells me that you and I would not be compatible.


Photos in clubs, drugs in bio, corny bio “be the Jim to my Pam”


Those serial killer pics. You know, when you’re sitting and staring down at the camera and for some reason you’re sitting in the car or a basement, not smiling and you took like five pics in a row and uploaded all of them.

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“idk why I’m even on here”


Horse girls