People Share 87 Weird And Funny Quirks Their Pets Have That Nobody Believes

Picky eaters, adorable cuddlers, and rule followers or breakers... you may think we’re talking humans, but no. This post is entirely dedicated to our beloved four-legged friends who, just like their two-legged hoomans, have their own personalities, tastes and dislikes.

And quirks too! Believe it or not, some of them are so bizarre, no wonder their owners are met with eyerolls and have to prove they’re not lying. “What quirk does your pet (past or present) do that nobody believes when you tell them?” asked DMLorance on Ask Reddit, and received tons of entertaining stories.

Below we selected some of the most interesting ones so that we can all conclude that animals, too, are a bunch of weirdos.


Every night at around 10 pm, my childhood dog would tell me it's time to go to bed. I could be in the living room watching TV and she would sit at the doorway and make little 'boofs' until I eventually got up and followed her to bed. This happened every night from my high school years until the day she passed at 15 years old. I miss that old sassy girl.

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My father's dog designs elaborate alarm systems with his toys. At night before bed he arranges toys that squeak inside of doorways and at the top and bottom of stairs. If you move the toys he politely waits until you aren't looking and then places the toy back. They don't just end up in a spot they are placed there. It also seems that the toys are chosen for each location based on ease of squeak and volume. The loudest toys are inside the door of the bedroom.

One final note on placement. If the door swings inward the toy is placed outside of the door's arc. If it swings outward it's right in the middle.

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One of my cats legitimately sleeps in my bed. Head on my pillow, under the blanket, held to my chest like an actual baby. He will spend all night like this and get mad if I stop cuddling him at any point. We sleep with our noses almost touching, and I know when he boops my nose with his that he wants me to cuddle him tighter. It's bizarre but adorable.

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Whenever I do push-ups, my dog crawls under me and pushes up off the floor against my torso, trying to help me up.

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I have a cat that plays fetch with his stuffed animals.

He also gets annoyed when I don't throw the stuffed animal far enough, and loves to chase it down the stairs into the basement.

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I'll just be laying around and yell for my cat when I haven't seen her in a while, "Mildred! Come give me a kiss!" She will always come running into the room and jump on me, she will turn her head to the side and I'll kiss her cheek, then I turn my head to the side and she quickly pushes her nose into my cheek, she will jump back down and go back about her way after. It's the sweetest, but I dont bother telling anyone, though. I don't need to be perceived as the crazy cat lady anymore than I already seem, lol.

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I had a toy poodle mix named Yoda who would meow like a cat if I said "Yoda go meow". It started as me saying it as a joke to him here and there and one day he actually started doing it. He was a good boy.

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My old collie used to yell at us if we didn’t come home from school on time. Like if we went to a friends or the walk home took too long, he would howl at you for the rest of the night and there was no getting out of it with him.

He was also afraid of ice cream bucket handles.

I miss that dog.

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I got my dog Snoopy when I was 10 years and ever since he was a puppy he had this weird love for lettuce. He would go absolutely nuts for it and so whenever I had a sandwich or a burger I would give him some of my lettuce.

Over the years it became a ritual that whenever I prepared any food that involved lettuce for myself, I would grab extra lettuce for him so I could toss it to him as I ate.

He passed away almost 5 years ago after nearly 17 years together, but I still find myself grabbing that bit of extra lettuce for him. It's kind of funny that his little quirk has still stuck with me for all these years and I honestly never want it to go it away, because it's a little way I remember him.

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My dog refuses to drink from a bowl. We took him to the vet because he was sick, turns out he was dehydrated. My dog always has water next to his food, but wasnt drinking it. We changed his bowl to a normal dish, the ones we use to eat soup. Now he drinks from it, if u change it back to a normal dog's bowl, he will stop drinking water and get sick. Nobody knows why.

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My childhood dog had a weak rear right leg, so anytime he wanted to hike his leg on something off to the left he would just do a handstand rather than try to support his weight in the bad leg.

But wait... there's more. When he started getting older we brought home a puppy who absolutely idolized his big brother. Within about a month he had worked his way up to also doing handstands when he peed, but for this dog it was EVERY SINGLE TIME. I guess he thought that was just how you were supposed to do it.

Nothing like having two dogs pissing down their own chest several times per day.

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My dog demands I read to him. Whenever I'm sitting reading something he'll come over, put his head on pages, and paw at me until I start reading to him.

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My cat loves having her teeth brushed and will cry if I don't brush her teeth.

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I had a cat that would sit on my shoulder every time I went poop. He would just come and jump on my shoulder and wait till I was done!

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Mine is that our cat that passed away last year use to play hide and seek with my husband Curtis. Curtis would hide and our cat Buster would run around everywhere until he found him. He would even try to sneak up on him. If he was hiding on the other side of our TV console, Buster would crawl under the console just so he could jump out and “scare” him. If ever Curtis hid so well that Buster couldn’t find him, my husband would jump from his hiding spot and say boo. This would make Buster pout that he had not found him on his own and he would go sit on the couch staring at my husband with a “You son of a bitch” face. Buster even got to where he would hide while playing the game. Cats are hard to find sometimes anyway without one intentionally playing hide and seek and playing with the dedication that Buster would play with. We would both look for him until we gave up and sat on the couch. He would then stroll out a few minutes later with a smug smile on his face.

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My cat is litter trained, but at some point he figured out the purpose of the toilet and decided to use it. It was just the two of us at the time, so I was confused by the tiny turds in my toilet until I actually caught him squatting on the seat and hanging his furry little butt over the bowl. It was pretty freaking impressive, honestly.

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My cat can sit, but whenever I say "sit" in front of some guests he just stares at me for like ten seconds

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My husband is a roofer and our first dog would climb the ladder and sit beside him. Almost caused 3 cars to crash and a runner to jump in a ditched when she barked at him we've had great dogs since but she was special.

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I had a kitty who once accidentally got a static electric shock touching her nose to the edge of my metal flat files. For the rest of her long life, she would touch her nose to the corners of things; doorways, furniture, etc looking for more. When she did get shocked again she’d paw at the object and bite in its general direction. I used to “charge her up” in winter by roughing up her fur so she could play her strange game some more. I’ve never heard of anyone else’s cat that did this. She was so unique with such a wonderful personality. Rest In Peace, Corners, my dear friend.

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My childhood cat burglarized our neighbors. We found swimsuits, sporting equipment, and even one time caught him dragging a kids backpack through the kitty door. What happened to the kid, I wonder.

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My rabbit feigned illness to get attention.

There were so many times throughout her life that my pet rabbit would pretend to be dying that I'd stay home from work or trips, shower her with love and treats, etc. that my boyfriend began to notice a pattern: She was "deathly ill" each time we'd start packing for a weekend away. Not eating, lethargic, refused her favorite treats, when I shook the bag when normally she'd come running, etc. I'm panicking and stop packing, getting ready to call the vet when my boyfriend pointed out, "she always does this. Just leave the room for a bit"

So I left the room and nervously kept getting ready when I hear a shuffle from her cage. She sprinted to her food dish where I dumped the treats and ate them in 2 seconds, sprinted over to her fresh pile of hay and started shoveling that into her mouth. I called out her name from the door frame and she greeted me with a thump of her foot while still eating.

Another time, once the "oh you're leaving? I'm sick" trick wasn't working anymore, I noticed she wasn't hopping at all. She... walked, with her back legs. She walked across her whole play pen, walked into the litter box, walked out, then settled awkwardly in her bed. I tried picking her up and she was just dead weight. I panicked because here was my 6 year old rabbit with a dislocated hip or something so I shook her treat bag because that's all I thought of doing and she sprinted normally over to me, stood up on her back legs with her front legs in the air, bright eyed and bushy tailed waiting for those sweet, sweet dried peas and carrots.

She actually just passed away last weekend at the age of 9 1/2. She suddenly stopped eating and it took half a day of me syringe feeding her for my now fiance to actually believe something was seriously wrong. It's the reason I always allowed myself to believe her tricks because there'd come a day when it wasn't a trick. Unfortunately she was just old, and even syringe feeding wasn't enough to keep her going. Rest in peace you little trickster. I sometimes think you were more dog than a rabbit

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My dog get super wound up if you make a small "pppt" like farting noise from your mouth. She legit breaks if you make this noise and starts running laps in the house and diving into you lap and begging to be pet, it's very strange. My other dog needs to look you right in the face when you come home, she will jump up and want her paws held just so she can get really close to your face then gets down and goes and does her own thing. She also hugs you if you're sitting on the ground which makes my heart weak

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With my old cat, who died a year or 2 ago, we had a game.

We called it Gun.

The game involved shooting him, in the face, at point-blank range, with a NERF gun. Now this on the surface sounds cruel... but he loved this game. If I cocked that NERF gun he would literally come running from anywhere in the house. He'd then hunker down directly in front of me... bracing for impact. Then he would give a short meow. I (And others who played with him) specifically waited for the meow. That was his "go" signal. And we'd let fly, aiming directly at his nose, usually from around 3 feet away.

Sometimes he would then bound after the dart, sometimes even fetching it. Sometimes he would hunker down again and meow, asking for more. If you were willing, he would play this game for as long as you'd keep playing... although I usually stopped after unloading all 6 rounds.

In the end we buried him with a NERF dart.


My birb likes to sit in my cupped hand (like really gets floofy/smushed up and comfortable in it like it's his couch) and make this face (◕ᴗ◕✿) while I give him scritches.

He bites my hand when I stop, so this has to happen until he falls asleep or something. When he is ready to poop (birbs poop every half hour or so) he walks out of my cupped hand and onto my leg, staring at me bobbing his head up and down so I could bring him to his cage. If I'm spaced out watching TV, he will walk to the edge of my foot and poop off the side. He's so polite like that.

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We have a very unique dog that seems to have internalized a set of rules. He is friendly with our 3 cats however if he observes them doing something that we(the humans) have corrected them for previously he will then take on the responsibility for future occurrences by sitting beside the misbehaving cat and barking at them until they stop.

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My cat is extremely territorial. My new boyfriend didn't believe me until while we were making out on my couch, my big ol' main coon went behind him and when he went to look to see what my cat was doing, my cat sucker-punched my boyfriend on the face three times with his paw, ran away to my kitchen, started opening and slamming shut the lower kitchen cupboards, and then ran to his litter box to take a massive shit.

He also would get in between us in bed, put his back to me, stretch all four legs out and slowly put his claws into my boyfriends back and then retract them again. When my boyfriend told him to stop and turned over to go back to sleep, five minutes later my cat did the same thing with all four of his paws, but would only put *1* claw into his back.

They are bffs now because my boyfriend is a morning person and I am not, which is something very useful to my cat.


My horse can play fetch


My old cat Star could tell when I was suicidal and would lay on my chest and go limp so if I tried to move her, she wouldn't be able to be moved without making me feel worse. She would purr and purr while giving me kisses until the moment passed.

I miss her more than anything.

My 9month old kitten will treat me like a playmate and not like a regular cuddly person. She will wait around corners to jump out and play. She will run at me sideways all POOFED up to initiate a chase. High fives with no treats and sitting when asked to do so.

Torties are the best!

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My cat likes to lay under me when I'm planking. I consider it extra motivation to not fall.

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Found a roach in the tub and screamed. The cat came running in meowing, jumped into the tub, snapped that roach up and ran off. She bit its head off then carried on being a loaf elsewhere. Not a soul believes me and she's never done it again.

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My cat will attack technology if you don't give him what he wants. He's knocked over laptops, tv's and his favorite laser printers. He's broken many throughout his 20 years on earth.

His sister does Super Mario wall jumps in the morning. The rest of the time she is the laziest little ball of grey fluff you ever met.

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My cat likes to take baths with me. Every night, whether it’s a shower or bath, she comes right in. Baths are her favorite though.


Whenever I come home, my dog will bring me a gift. The gift typically consists of shoes, but if there are no shoes around for her to pick up, she will grab pretty much anything she can. The best items so far being an entire yam, and a full case of beer.


All 3 do this actually, the second I pull into my driveway my cats hop onto the hood of the car and step onto the side mirrors and start scratching at the windows. If I don't open the door fast enough for them, they'll climb onto the top of the car and hop onto my head when I do try to get out.


My bird says "Good night" when she's ready for bed. If you don't turn out her light and leave, she'll keep saying it and start growling.

She usually says it in the evening, but she'll "good night" me out of the room in the afternoon if she wants a nap.


Our cat, Zeke, shouts. Not a loud meow, not a screech; he just walks around the house yelling at us until we ask what the hell he wants. The first time our new neighbors heard him through the window they actually came over to ask WTF was going on. Said they’d each owned cats their entire lives and have never heard one make sounds like that. He also chitters just like a squirrel, which is fucking weird to hear too. He’s just a typical barn cat we got for free from friends.


I had a parrot who would only whistle, but sometimes he would straight up compose songs. Nothing amazing, mostly splicing together bits of tunes he liked, but still songs that did not exist.


We have a cat that will laugh at our dog when he goes into his crate for the night. The cat will actually sit on a chair right in front of the dog and stare at him and laugh. He's a jerk.


My dad had a male cat years ago. He was an indoor/outdoor cat and one day when he did not return home for the night, my dad went to look for him and found him injured somewhere after what looked like a dog bite. So he got bandages and stitches on his leg and had to stay indoors because he was injured. Then he gradually healed and had a limp on the injured leg so my dad didn't let him outdoors fearing he might be attacked again. The vet said the limp should go away soon. But it didn't. My dad believed the cat was faking the limp, so one day he watched him from the corner of the kitchen door as the cat walked perfectly without a limp when nobody was around. He just did not want to go outdoors because he feared dogs now.


Our boxer who passed away used to howl along to billy Joel “piano man”. as soon as she heard the pino riff at the beginning she would perk up and start signing. She taught our current boxer who was a puppy when she had cancer and he has since taught our other dogs. It’s so nice to hear them sing because they all wouldn’t have learned if it weren’t for our first dog. She used to sing along to Adele as a puppy as well. Miss that dog so much.


My roommates pitbull tries to jump in your arms like Scooby Doo when shes scared.


My (deceased) cat Sammy would push open the lazy Susan, climb inside, and open and eat cheez-it's out of the bag. No one ever believed my family when we told people but that cat sure loved cheez-its


My cat loves eating French fries but people usually don’t believe me until they see her scarf a few down like they’re the tastiest thing ever placed on this earth.


Well, every day when I get home my cat is usually right at the door to greet me. Every time I come in I go, “Helloo!” in a kinda high pitched voice to her, along with belly scritches and pets. She’s quite a vocal kitty to begin with, but now every morning around 3-5 a.m. she walks around going “HELLOOOO” in all these strange pitches. If you lock her out of a room you’re in, she’ll sometimes stand at the door and go “helloooo” in a sadder tone. At first it was TERRIFYING but man. She’ll get the zoomies sometimes and screech hello all over the house for no reason, she just loves talking I guess. I thought I was a dog person but I seem to have a special place in my heart for cats now too!


I have a cat that plays fetch. He will also dunk his toys in water so that they can be thrown further. Sometimes he will also just grab his toy and fling it super high up into the air and keep tossing it around. He also likes watching tv when it is on. He usually finds a comfy spot and then settles in to watch it.

My other cat is a big fan of shoulder rides and will jump on your shoulders if he wants a ride if you are bending down to put on shoes or something. He can also open doors that have a handle and occasionally doorknobs if he is persistent enough.


This happened with a past pet, my rat Scabbers (Named after Harry Potter)

One time, when I was decorating my room for christmas, I also had my rats out of their cage, since they need to move around every now and then. When it was time to get them back in the cage, however, Scabbers was nowhere to be found, that is, until I saw him having gone into one of the decorative stockings I had hung from my bookcase. This was something he continuously did every christmas, and when he died, it was kinda sad to see the very ratless stocking hanging from the bookcase.


I have a cat that knows how to turn a lamp on and off. It's one of those twist knob lamps. He grabs it in his teeth and turns it.

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My cat puts me to bed sometimes when I stay up past 11pm during the week. It’s like she KNOWS “you have work tomorrow dummy”. She harasses me until I get up and follow her to the bedroom.

She will, if I resist enough, just crawl onto me and curl up. “Fine we’re sleeping right here then.”


A long time ago we had a cat who potty trained himself. The cat was outside most of the time, so no cat litter box. He peed and pooped in my toddlers small toilet. It still had to be cleaned tho. But still, I consider it cool.

And now we have a snake who likes to wrap himself around my laptop whenever he is out and the laptop is around.

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Our dog likes to watch tv. No matter what’s on or who’s watching it, she actively pays attention to what we’re watching


One of mine can hear a jingle from a commercial from the other side of the house and come running because he knows that jingle for that commercial means dogs will be on TV.


We call my parents' dog the hall monitor. If the cats (play)wrestle, or their other dog doesn't *immediately* get into her kennel when she's told, or if someone in the house is told to "stop" something, he will insert himself, whine, and go get my mom.


I have another cat of which in an old house he found out how to turn on the bathroom sink to get water (it was one of those that you push/pull not twist) and so I’d always walk in to find the sink on. If only he had learned to turn it back off


That my overly happy, energetic golden retriever genuinely gives me dirty looks to frick off when I try to play with him past 9:00.

He wants to sleep and my shenanigans are keeping him from doing just that.


My cat gets super hyper after taking a dump. She will do a few laps around the house... stop meow really loudly... then scratch her post.

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My cat's entire mood can be shifted by a few soft words in Ukrainian. Like she will light up.


My old cat hated a particular singer. I’d watch music awards shows a lot, and she loved to watch with me. But she’d get up, glare at me, and leave the room when that person was performing. She liked the shows in general though. Whenever commercials came on I’d get a look that clearly said, “What did you do to it, human? Put the music back.”


I have a Pomeranian who is a total introvert. She's super laid back and chill and that kind of throws people off anyway. No matter where I live she claims some space in the house as her "bedroom" and goes there to be alone.

One time it was a cabinet in my kitchen. She claimed one of the lower unused cabinets and took soft stuff and snacks and toys in there and could open the cabinet all by herself. She would chill in there for hours.

Currently it's the corner of the sectional against the wall, she has all her favorite things under there and my other dog NEVER goes under there. It's her private space.

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Our cat, Loki loves watching baseball on TV. Tries to swat the pitch almost every time.

Our dog, Rowan, has a standing vertical jump over 6ft. He's an Australian shepherd.

Our other cat, Alf, loves to play with water in the sink and shower, but hates baths.

Our other cat, Buddy, loves to have his belly rubbed and pretty much acts like a dog. He also likes to lick people.


My cat gently grabs spiders in his mouth and brings them over to drop on me.

Yep, I'm deathly afraid of spiders.


I have a husky, he can be so dramatic, adorable and quite the character. A few months ago when I was making dinner, he would be close by just in case if I dropped any ingredients.

Well, instead I called to him, gave him a piece of beef trimming and said "I love you." In return he said "awoohoo!" which sounds alot like "I love you!" I said it again and he said it back again!!

My husband to this day will not believe me.


She's slowed down a bit in her old age, but for most of her life she ran towards loud noises. Plates fall out of the cabinet? She ran right in there to get in the middle of it. Drop a heavy piece of furniture on a tile floor? "Hey guys! What's going on?"

I always said it was a good thing she's an inside cat, otherwise she'd run towards the first car she heard on the road going, "Oh hey, what's this!?"


My cat who has since passed could always tell when I was super upset. As a teenager, if I was crying she would lay next to me and gently rub my arm, hand or cheek with the end of her tail. When I stopped crying she would stop "petting" me. I miss her every day


My last dog was a massive, 90 lbs Chow Shepherd mix that behaved more like a cat then a dog. She hunted birds in our yard, but rather than catch them with her mouth, I would watch her leap up and squash them with her massive frame.

It was majestic, like watching a blue whale breech. Just a big fluffy dog suddenly jumps and body slams a pigeon to death.

Then she would bring me the dead bird as an offering.


My cat knows How to climb curtains, but doesnt know How to climb back down. Nobody believed when I told that he stays up Just calling anyone until he decides to take a responsible risk and jump down to the couch.


My cat licks his chair. So we have this old chair that has like a cloth/velvety kinda material on the back that you lean against that he has claimed as his own. Every now and then I’ll hear a noise and when I look over he’s literally just sitting there, paws up on the back of the chair just licking it.


I had boxer that would walk herself. When we would get about a block away from the house, she would start jumping, barking, and turning circles. She would then grab the leash from you and carry it home. She would walk ahead a couple houses, then stop and look back to make sure I was still there, then continue on home. Boxers are the best dogs.


I used to be able to ask my girl Luna where Daddy was and she would look right at my husband. He said it was a coincidence but I've asked her where he was when he wasn't in the room and she'd look out the doorway, like, "I dunno, he's out there, I guess."


My dog's idea of playing is him holding onto the toy while I drag him around the carpet on his belly.


My cat takes every sherpa blanket we get. She doesn't care about any other blankets, only the sherpa ones, and she will lay on them and not leave for literally an entire day and just purr her little heart out.


Cat would open our bedroom door in the middle of the night and stare at us from the doorway. Scared the shit out of me sometimes. Switched our door handle to a door knob and it stopped. Would've just left the door open for him to come in but he also liked to pee on clothes -_- and it is a bitch to get cat pee out of clothes.


My dog gives attitude and talks back. If you're telling him to do something he doesn't want to do he'll do it reluctantly and groan. Like if I tell him to get out of the kitchen, he'll slowly move out of the kitchen and lay down, hard, and groan. If you tell him not to give you that attitude he'll huff and sigh. If you try to move him and he doesn't want to move he'll purposely put all his weight down and will make sounds like groaning. He's a very verbal boy.


My cat bites chunks out of paper towel and toilet paper and eats it. Doesn't play with it, eats it.

His favorite toy is also Q tips. I keep them in a mason jar and he learned the sound of the jar opening and now power runs to the bathroom whenever I open it.


My cat likes to play tag. I start chasing, she hides behind a chair and jumps out. I act surprised to make her happy.


A few years ago I had a cat that instead of bringing me dead animals (he probably noticed that I was not very happy when I saw them) went under a specific fig tree of my neighbor and placed them in front of the door. My SO was angry because every morning ,when leaving the house, he stepped on a fig and did not understand how they got on the mat


My new cat, Ja'far, i don't think he knows how to meow. He either screams, sounds like a record skipping, or sounds like dial-up. And he loves to talk a lot, and i have only heard something close to a meow once in my life with him.


My cat is super social, very much like a puppy - likes to play fetch, follows me everywhere and never leaves my side. No one believes me, because they've literally never seen my cat! He hides at the hint of a noise at the door and runs under the couch until the bad strangers go away.


He hates plastic of any kind. I don't know why but if he ever sees a plastic bag on the ground he'll start barking at it and herd my family to come pick it up. I'm both confused and impressed by it. I've tried to tell people about it and they don't believe that my dog would lead me to a piece of trash so I can pick it up. They just don't think he's smart enough to care about some litter in his house


My cat has a really ridiculous meow. It deep and guttural. Sometimes it sounds like he's trying to say something. Most people who hear for the first time are like "WTF!?"

Also, he likes to eat plastic. I have to hang the shower curtain over the showerhead because he'll chew on it. 6-pack rings, ziploc bags, zip ties, shower curtains. I have to hide anything plastic away from him. He tried to eat one of my guitar picks one time. Thankfully I caught him before he swallowed it. He got it caught on the roof of his mouth. I heard him making an awful noise in the middle of the night that woke me up and I managed to get it out of his mouth.


I have a cat that was rescued after it came in on a ship to my mom’s manufacturing plant. It is terrified of anyone other than those living in the house. The moment she hears a car in the drive way she will run and hide either under the bed or somewhere upstairs for hours on end(no food, water, or bathroom breaks). My brother for the last 4 years believed she didn’t exist and that we were finding a cat online and posting it/ photoshopping her with us.


My betta fish used to rub on my fingers like he was scratching his back when I put them in the water. I was only 3 or 4 so they just thought I was forcibly petting the fish, but we were buds


My dachshund likes to be held like a baby would. Another dog knew how to roll the window down in my old car and I had to use the baby lock.


My rabbit loved to sit in her food dish. We got her when she was just a few weeks old, so she fit perfectly in her little bowl. She'd get comfy on the pile of pellets, and stick her head between her feet to pick up a mouthful. Eventually she'd fall asleep like a brown fuzzy pom-pom on top of her food bowl.

When she got older, I'd buy discounted boxes of mixed greens meant for salads. She'd hop right in the box and much away without a care in the world.


My cat can say the word "Hello" in a ghostly human female voice.

He only ever does it when a) I can't directly see him, and b) no one else is home.


My cat LOVES oreos. I dont LET him eat them, but he tries to. he even recognizes the packaging.


My dog doesn't like having her picture taken. As soon as she sees a phone or camera poised for a snap, she skulks away and hides. She is asleep in most of the pictures of her I've managed to take, though even when napping she seems to have a preternatural sense of when a picture is being taken and wakes up at the last second, resulting in a lot of blurry shots of her jumping up and running away.

I know it's because she doesn't like the flash (she also hates flashlights and fire) but she does it no matter what now, even though I never turn the flash on anymore. But no one ever believes it until they see it.


My girlfriends dog opens doors like it’s an extreme sport