Person Online Inquires “What Screams ‘I Am Entitled?’”, And 45 People Provide Their Answers

Many people like perks. No, not like that. Many people enjoy being entitled, or at least just feeling entitled. Even if they do not have any slightest reason to feel a bit better than others at something, they will just come up with a reason.

This happens especially often, for example, in the service sector, where people who for some reason feel "entitled" help themselves to much more than the boundaries of decency allow. Sometimes one look at a person is enough to understand that they are entitled as hell.

And sometimes it's not. So Reddit users shared their stories about how they had to interact with these categories of entitled people, and how to recognize them easily. The thread came out very popular with almost 2K upvotes and more than 2.3K various comments. Bored Panda has created an incredibly entitled curated list for you with a selection of the most interesting stories from this thread.

So feel free to scroll down, leave your comments - and just try to never be like the heroes of these "entitled-persons-and-where-to-find-them" stories.

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#1 Acting As If Your Religious Rules And Customs Should Apply To Anybody Else

Acting as if your religious rules and customs should apply to anybody else.

Image credits: Shizanketsuga

#2 Double Standards Regarding Abortions

People who are against abortion but then don’t give a s**t if the kid is taken care of.

Image credits: AdDisastrous6738

#3 Treating Service Workers Badly

Treating service workers like c**p.

Image credits: Botryoid2000

#4 Military Wives That Expect To Be Saluted Or Have The Same Treatment As Their Husbands

Military wives that expect to be saluted or have the same treatment as their husbands. Or brag about their rank.

Image credits: Curvy-animallover

#5 People Using The Phrase "It's Just A Child!" To Excuse Their Child's Bad Behavior

People use the phrase "It's just a child!" to excuse their child's s***ty behavior. When the zoo says "Don't tap the glass, it stresses the animal" that means your f**kball child needs to knock it off.

Image credits: DaisyCutter312

#6 People Who Purposely Cause Messes

People who purposely cause messes at restaurants, movie theatres, etc. because "someone else will clean it up" or its "their jobs to clean it up". Spills happen, but people who start food fights or just throw their beverages/food are terrible

Image credits: FragrantDingo21

#7 Amber Heard

I didn’t punch you, I hit you

Image credits: ohpotatomonster

#8 When You Do Something In Return And They Freak Out

when they do something to you and think it’s fine but when you do it in return and they freak out

Image credits: Silvero129

#9 "Do You Know Who I Am?"

"Do you know who I am!?!"

Image credits: ThoriumLad

#10 People Who Cut In Line

People who cut in line

Image credits: Chad_Farthousse

#11 Not Using Blinker To Change Lanes

not using your blinker to change lanes

Image credits: MrPelham

#12 Shoppers Who Trash Dressing Rooms

Those shiny, niche cars taking up two parking spaces.

Those shoppers who trash boutique dressing rooms.

Those shoppers who take items (especially frozen ones) and ditch them in canned goods.

Image credits: MomCat23

#13 Threatening To Get You Fired

"I will have you fired!"

Image credits: Vergo27

#14 Leaving Something For Someone Else To Deal With

Generally just leaving something for someone else to deal with

Image credits: Splatty_boi_420

#15 Screaming At Children Working At Starter Positions

Screaming at children working at retail/fast food/starter positions at jobs.

Image credits: pookimane

#16 Acting Like A Child After Somebody Saying No

When you say no to someone and then they act like a child

Image credits: Turbulent-Papaya-910

#17 People Talking Over You

People that talk over you after you waited your turn/the mood called for someone to add to the convo.

Image credits: willfullignoramous

#18 Incessant Whining Over Shared Inconveniences

Incessant whining over shared inconveniences. For example, person goes to the DMV to find a 90 minute wait. Everyone else that arrived around the same time as them is also having to wait 90 minutes. But this person just. Won’t. Shut. Up about it. Like dude, we get it. It sucks. Literally no one is enjoying this experience. You’re not entitled to any faster service than anyone else, and bitching about it isn’t going to change that.

Image credits: Brodin_fortifies

#19 People Who Don't Return Their Shopping Carts

People who don't return their shopping cart.

Image credits: skinshell

#20 Not Picking Up After Dogs

People who don't pick up after their dogs and throw cigarette butts on the ground

Image credits: EdgeMiserable4381

#21 Treating Gas Station Workers Badly

I'm a gas station worker and when people don't say please or thank you, when they're on the phone(mostly when they're VERY loud). When they walk in, dont even look at you, practically throw the money at you and say "20 on pump 5" and walk out.

OH! And when there's only one person there, we have to close our store for lunch. We have a very polite worded sign on the door. I'll be walking with my food to the back and they try and bang on the door, put their arms up like "what the f**k?? You're not going to serve me??"

And there's literally another gas station kitty corner to us.

Edit to clarify: where I'm from(Sacramento, California) you pay at the pump with card and pump gas yourself. I'm not stopping most people from getting gas by taking my lunch(ONLY thing that stops people from getting gas is if they're paying with cash, but most people don't. There's no discount at my store by paying with cash rather than card)

The only thing they can't get is cigarettes, beer and snacks. But as I stated, there is another gas station right across the street.

I am also entitled to a lunch, just as every other worker in America.

Image credits: Charming_Love2522

#22 Blaming Other People For Your Own Faults

All their problems are always someone else’s fault, never their own.

Image credits: 44pennystocks

#23 Impatience In Situations Which Really Need Patience

Impatience in situations where it should be just universally understood that you need patience.

Image credits: c7hu1hu

#24 Double Standards Regarding Religion

“Ummm yo I have the right to rip your hijab but you don’t have the right to scream back”.

real story

Image credits: Royalejammy

#25 Not Cleaning Up After Themselves

People who don’t clean up after themselves

Image credits: netxnic

#26 Offering To Pay Extra If I Would Kick Someone Else's Kid Out

I work as a ticket seller for a ski resort.

My favorite entitled person is the guy who, upon finding out that the kids lesson was sold out, offered to pay extra if I would kick someone elses kid out so his kid could have a spot.

Image credits: Floranagirl

#27 Parking A Luxury Car Over Two Spaces

parking a luxury car over two spaces.

#28 Thinking That People Should Lose Their Livelihoods Because You’re Offended

Thinking that people should lose their livelihoods because you’re offended.

#29 Using Other People's Stuff Without Asking For Permission

Using or taking other people's stuff without asking for their permission.

Image credits: SuvenPan

#30 Adults Throwing Tantrums

Adults who throw tantrums (slam doors, scream/yell, pout, throw/break things, etc.)

#31 Telling "My Taxes Pay Your Salary" To Cops

When I was a cop in the 90s I heard, "my taxes pay your salary" to which I would reply, "my taxes do as well"

#32 Blocking Public Transport While Parking Their Own Cars

I went to private school for all of high school. It was even further divided by wealth because it was an American school in a foreign country, so most of the kids from there were very wealthy, did coke on Tuesday nights, and would buy their way into Harvard. The rest of the kids were pretty much all from military families who had the price of education covered. I used to take the city bus home from school (it was out in the suburbs). One day this mom in her shiny convertible car and 200 dollar jeans parks her car where it is completely blocking the road and goes to pick up her kid. When the bus drives up, it can’t get by. Bus driver honks for a couple minutes, but the mom is no where in sight. When she finally comes out, she’s not even bothered by the fact that she’s been blocking traffic for 10 minutes. She just takes her sweet time getting in her car with her kid and finally drives off.

Still makes me mad to this day.

Image credits: cpcpdstiagt

#33 Being Selfish In Dating Somebody

People that think they’re the prize when dating but never consider what the other person wants from a relationship.

I don’t care how many followers you have. How does that make you worth dating?

Image credits: HowDareYouReadThis46

#34 Throwing Tantrums About Mild Inconveniences

When someone has to suffer a mild inconvenience and they throw a totally disproportionate tantrum about it.

Image credits: lostinstasis

#35 Bosses Refusing Giving Time Off

“Wdym you’ve never been on vacation” …

#36 Bragging About Parents' Money

People who brag about their parents’s money.

Image credits: SpecialExamination41

#37 People Who Make Huge Assumptions About The Intent Of Others

People who make huge assumptions about the intent of others. They always think other people are thinking about them way more than they actually do.

Image credits: Flaky-Fellatio

#38 Telling That You Cannot Afford Something Due To Its High Price

“Oh you can’t afford that, but it’s only like *high price*?”

Image credits: surviving_butcrying

#39 Hitting The Back Of Someone’s Car And Then Blaming It On Them

Hitting the back of someone’s car and then blaming it on them

Image credits: Receptiveskeptic

#40 Getting Angry At Waiters If Your Food "Takes Too Long"

Getting angy at waiters if your food "takes too long"

#41 Saying "The Customer Is Always Right"

"The customer is always right"

#42 Borrowing Money From Parents To Start Your Own Business

When Mitt Romney was debating Obama, he said: "If a kid needs money to start a business they can always borrow it from their parents

Image credits: Labe_Licker

#43 Telling "This Establishment Just Lost A Faithful Customer Today"

"This establishment just lost a faithful customer today"

#44 Threatening To Tell Parents

“I’ll call my dad and tell him what you did!”

Image credits: ROAM300

#45 People Complaining About The Little Problems

People who always complain and have a problem with the littlest thing.