Person Refuses To Remove An Apple Tree That Was Planted By Their Grandpa, Ends Up With Neighbors Threatening To Sue

Annoying neighbors are a very common phenomenon around the world and in all eras. It is quite possible that when ancient people still lived in caves, even then there were absurd characters who were indignant that the neighboring mammoth tusk blocked the sun for them.

Especially “wonderful” are people who have just moved into a new place and immediately begin to try to set their own order, not paying attention to the fact that some things and traditions have been close to their neighbors for years. However, who cares about these neighbors when we urgently want to put a hot tub in our backyard?

This story is actually about those naughty and “entitled” neighbors. The original post on the AITA Reddit community has exactly 12.0K upvotes right now, and almost 2.2K different comments and counting.

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The Original Poster lives in their late grandparents’ house, gradually modernizing it

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It all started, like many legendary stories in the history of humanity, with an apple. The Original Poster moved into their late grandparents’ house a few years ago and has since gradually modernized it to fit their own style. However, there is one thing in the garden that OP would never touch, and that is an old apple tree.

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There is an old apple tree in the back garden planted by the OP’s grandpa many years ago

The tree was planted by OP’s grandfather on the very day his family moved into this house, and the sapling itself was taken from his family orchard – thus, part of the family moved to a new place.

This tree has fond memories from OP’s childhood – they climbed it, picked delicious apples… and now the tree is in danger. The thing is that recently a family moved to a neighboring house, immediately demanding that the OP cut down the tree.

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The new neighbors demanded that OP chop the tree down as it allegedly cast a shadow into their garden

It turns out that the old apple tree allegedly cast a shadow into the neighbor’s garden, where they planned to arrange a hot tub. The OP tried to politely explain to their neighbors that the tree had sentimental value to them as a memory of their grandparents – they didn’t care. “After all, it’s just a tree!”

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The neighbors started threatening OP with legal action and even promised to invade their garden themselves to cut the tree down

The OP decided to smooth things over by treating the neighbors with fresh tasty apples, but they instantly killed all the good attitude towards them, threatening to take OP to court or even promising to force them to satisfy this demand immediately.

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The OP finally lost their temper, stated that the tree was under regular video surveillance (since the neighborhood children tried to steal apples from it), and that in case of the slightest hint of intrusion into their garden, they would call the police. After that, like any good person, the OP began to think about whether they did the right thing.

People in the comments unanimously decided that the OP is absolutely right and their neighbors are simply “entitled” jerks

However, commenters immediately dispelled their doubts. The OP was reminded that any unauthorized attempt by the neighbors to do something bad to the tree would be an extremely costly mistake for the neighbors, and that the couple themselves looked like smug jerks who didn’t give a damn about other people’s sentimental values.

Some Redditors in the comments even offered their help to the OP from a legal point of view, as well as in terms of setting up cameras in their garden properly. In any case, everyone massively agreed that a tree, especially with such a wonderful history and memory, is much more important than any neighbor’s hot tub.

As we have already said, all good stories have long begun with an apple, but they should definitely end with your comments, and if you have another similar story, be sure to tell it here. Even if it doesn’t start with an apple…

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