Person Shares How Their “Hustle Culture” Friend Died From A Heart Attack At Age 32, People Chime In With Similar Stories

Wake up. Check your phone. Brush your teeth. Go to the gym. Run to work. Grind away and barely find time to eat. Head home. Succumb to the urge to check your email and get ahead of your tasks. Go to sleep. And do it all over again tomorrow.

Sounds familiar? Well, welcome to the grind culture where working harder, stronger, faster, and giving 110% of your effort will definitely pay off. For thousands of employees worldwide who are obsessed with exerting themselves to maximum capacity, the hustle has basically become a lifestyle. But even though the corporate world glorifies ambition and sees 18-hour work days as the new norm, it doesn’t come without a cost.

This heartbreaking post shared on the ‘Anti Work’ subreddit is here to remind us of that. A few days ago, Redditor Otherwise_Order621 opened up about how his “hustle culture” friend recently died from a heart attack at only 32 years old. And just to warn you, it might make you take a good look at your own life right now. Scroll down to read their impactful story in full, as well as similar experiences readers were quick to share, and be sure to let us know what you think below in the comments.

Recently, this person shared a heartbreaking story about how the hustle culture took their friend’s life

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Readers immediately offered condolences and responded with messages of support

Later on, the user also clarified some details about the situation and addressed the questions people asked in the comments

And others chimed in with similar experiences, revealing the truth about the grind culture

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