Peter Dutton Net Worth- Potato Memes On Twitter, Wife And Family

Peter Dutton Net Worth: Everything To Know About Australian Minister for Defence Table of Contents
Australian politician Peter Dutton supposedly has a massive net worth. However, he has reportedly kept many of his properties under his wife’s name.
Peter Dutton is an Australian politician who is recognized for his affiliation with the Liberal Party.
Since 1988, Peter has been associated with the Liberal party. 
The politician gained his education from the Queensland University of Technology. In comparison, he completed his high school at St Paul’s School, located in Bald Hills. 
Dutton has not only served his nation as a politician but has also worked as a police officer for nine years. He graduated in 1990 from the Queensland Police Academy.
Quick Facts:Name
Peter Dutton
November 18, 1970

Ailsa Leitch, Bruce Dutton
Kirilly Dutton Children
Queensland University of Technology
Peter Dutton MP
Peter Dutton Peter Dutton Net Worth
Peter Dutton’s exact net worth as of now is not known. But looking at his stable professional life, his earning must be quite good.
Along with being a politician, he is also an investor who has invested his money in many properties. It is also said that he has a lot of properties under his wife’s name.
Peter Dutton Potato Memes On Twitter
In March 2021, memes started circulating on Twitter comparing Peter Dutton with a photo.
Later, one of the Twitter users under the username @chaser apologized for those memes on the 25th of March 2021. “Apology regarding Peter Dutton. On 25 March 2021 we made the false and defamatory statement that Peter Dutton looked a bit like a potato. We unreservedly apologise and regret any harm or distressed caused to potatoes by the comment.”
— The Chaser (@chaser) March 24, 2021 Peter Dutton Wife & Family
Peter Dutton has been married to his second wife Kirilly Dutton since 2003.
Before marrying Kirilly, he was married to his first wife. His first wife’s name is yet to be known, but he married his first wife when he was just 22 years old.
Dutton has a daughter with another partner whose identification is yet to be done. But, he and his baby mama were not married to one another as per his wiki
In the initial days, he lived with his family, including his father, mother, and siblings. As the eldest child, Dutton was responsible from a young age. “Apology to Peter Dutton On 25 February 2021 I published a media release on my website, posted on my Twitter account, and made in the course of a press conference false and defamatory statements that Peter Dutton is a rape apologist, that he has sought to conceal and dismiss 1/2
— Larissa Waters (@larissawaters) March 24, 2021 Peter Dutton Rape Apologist 
Some of the Twitter users claimed Peter Dutton is a “rape apologist” on Twitter.
After seeing this on a tweet, politician Peter Dutton started reporting those users by issuing defamation threats.