Philip Schofield buys new home worth £2 million

This Morning star Philip Schofield has reportedly bought a new home worth 2 million in West London.

According to reports, the 58-year-old has been spotted by neighbours enjoying bike rides with his co-star and close chumHolly Willoughby who is thought to live near by.

His new pad which is closely situated to the River Thames, and is believed to be a large semi-detached house that comes with a hefty price tag attached.

It seems Philip Schofield is surrounding himself by other TV celebrities such as his on-screen co-presenter and the likes of Declan Donnelly who is also thought to live in the surrounding area.

Neighbours who had spotted the TV duo together, didn't appear to be overly excited that another famous face would now reside in their community.


ant and dec Declan Donnelly is said to be living nearby

Addressing Phil's plush 2million home, residents told the Mail Online: "There's quite a few famous people already living around here so Phillip Schofield moving in is not a big deal.

"A lot of people have been talking about it, but nobody bothers him.

"He's a lovely bloke and I'm sure he'll enjoy living in our community."

The news of his lavish residency comes soon after claims he and wife Stephanie Lowe had initiateddivorce conversations.

It is said that Steph will look to share her husband's 9 million fortune, providing she continues to remain loyal and discreet about their private affairs.

Although Philip and his wife Stephanie had continued to live together throughout lockdown and have remained amicable throughout it is believed the couple are now discussing divorce.

The couple who were married for 27 years, are trying to work through everything fairly and to ensure the process is as trouble-free as possible.