Planning a Weekend in Belgium? These Cities Should Be at the Top of Your List

Belgium is a small country with a very rich and fascinating history. It is the heart of Europe, living its own measured and successful life. Here you'd be really surprised, because the main transport in the country is a bicycle, and the main attraction is not the cathedrals or even the NATO headquarters - but the tall "Pissing Boy" fountain, which has been the symbol of the country for almost 300 years. 

Here, then, are the cities you must visit if you want to travel in Belgium. Each and every one of Belgium's cities is unique. Even the furthest corner of the country can have its own appeal. However, most travellers are accustomed to visiting mainly the capital Brussels. Brussels is also a must-see, but don't limit your visit to Brussels, especially if you have a lot of time to travel. 

But before you begin to explore this beautiful country, let's tackle the logistics. As mentioned above, many begin and end their journey in Brussels, but with the city being so crowded you risk running into scammers. To avoid this, when you arrive in Brussels you can rent AtoB taxi Brussels airport and not have to think about problems. On the airport transfer website there is a wide choice of car classes, professionally trained drivers and a fixed price. 

Well, you've got the transport all figured out, now let's discuss the cities that should be at the top of your list - if you're planning a flight to Belgium. 


As written above, everyone goes to the capital - so it's not such a unique destination anymore, but it's a must visit nonetheless. Because Brussels is the very heart of Europe. The Brussels headquarters of NATO and the European Union, the grandiose medieval Grand Place. Many tourists having visited it say that the atmosphere is so piercing, that at some point you start to feel like you are actually a few centuries back in time. Apart from the history you can also see a unique construction in the form of the Atomium.  It is a symbol of the modern Brussels, comparable to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Besides this, there are many unconventional places like the Galerie Royales, which will soon be included in the UNESCO heritage list. For those looking for a little out of the ordinary, hire an airport taxi and head for the Place de Jeu de Balle, a market where locals love to go shopping. Apart from goodies, you'll find unusual curiosities that may be of historical value. And don't forget to visit a jazz club in Brussels in the evening, because it's the capital of this genre of music!


After Brussels, you need a change of scenery, and Ostend is a great option! Take an airport transfer to Ostend, Belgium's most popular seaside resort. Locals love to come here on weekends to walk along the picturesque promenade and laze around on the expansive sandy beaches. In Ostend at night, a second life begins! There's a big casino and plenty of places to go out and have a good time. The only majestic neo-gothic building in the city that is sure to grace your Instagram is the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul. It's a very atmospheric place that's a must-see for aesthetic pleasure. 


Rent a car and drive just half an hour from Brussels and you'll arrive in beautiful Leuven. Here you'll find the oldest university in Flanders and a huge student diaspora, which makes the city's streets buzz with nightlife. In our subjective opinion, the most beautiful building that's a real reason to come here is Leuven Town Hall. Its beauty you will remember for a long time, as well as your Instagram audience. It is advisable to come here on weekends when the city is empty of people. The reason is that on such days, everyone goes home - and it's most enjoyable to walk around the historic centre of Leuven and its picturesque cobbled streets. There is a market in the centre as well as cafes and bars. 


After the smaller towns above, an interesting city to consider is Antwerp. It is the second largest city in Belgium and its largest port. For centuries, traders from all over the world have brought their goods here, which is why this city was considered to be the largest centre of European trade. But today, in the 21st century it's just a sophisticated and prestigious city, with cool boutiques, art shops and jewellery salons that sell diamonds. This city is not as popular as Brussels, which is why it also made our top spot. It's a bit of a compromise as compared to Brussels, you don't get many people here, but you do get a lot of action. The nightlife is also very present and very appealing. You are advised to hire an airport transfer here and have a good time.


We end our article in what is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It is very often referred to as the 'Venice of the North'. Tourists will love exploring the medieval cobbled streets of Bruges, which are full of cafés, with beautiful access to the square or the winding canals. And above all this beauty you can see the spires of ancient churches. For as few people as possible - you can book an airport transfer and drive here in the middle of the week. There are many sights in this city in the form of the Holy Cross Gate, the bell tower, St. Salvator's Cathedral, the Gruninge Museum and many more. All these historical buildings create a special atmosphere that you are sure to feel. To dilute the tourist spots, you can visit the Brewery Museum or the Chocolate Museum.