President Biden lays out new COVID-19 response for U.S. to "beat" the virus

Joe Biden has begun his Presidential term, and first-up on his agenda is to "right the wrongs" made during Trump's term.

Last night, Biden signed an executive order to allow the U.S. to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement after the Trump administration withdrew the U.S. from it in 2015.

The Paris Agreement is alegally binding international treaty on climate change, which was adopted by 196 Parties at COP 21 in Paris, on December 12, 2015.

Today, Biden has begun plans for a new response to COVID-19 and has ensured the American public that they "can and will beat COVID-19".

The new response will reportedly involve restoring trust in the government and boosting the vaccine rollout and testing facilities.

According to Reuters, top of Biden's list in terms of the COVID response will be reopening schools and "addressing inequalities thrown up by the disease".

President Biden lays out new COVID-19 response for U.S. to "beat" the virus

A statement from the White House said; "America deserves a response to the COVID-19 pandemic that is driven by science, data, and public health - not politics."

A series of executive orders are due to be signed later on today by President Biden, that will reportedly require the public to wear masks in airports and public transport according to officials.

The US has reported more COVID-19 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic than throughout all of WWII.

The death toll currently sits at 415,920 in the U.S. while the tally of cases topped 25 million, at 25,000,771.

California remains the worst-hit state, accounting for over 3 million cases and more than 35,000 deaths.

Meanwhile, Texas is not far behind, reporting 2,192,450 cases and 33,702 deaths.

Florida, New York, and Illinois have all reported over 1 million cases since the beginning of the pandemic, as the United States attempt to get a hold of the third wave of the virus.