Protesters face fines & jail time amid unrest in Russia over Navalny arrest

Moscow police have issued a warning to anyone in Russia planning to take to the street this weekend in protest against the arrest of Russian dissident Alexei Navalny.

Navalny was arrested upon his arrival back to Russia after recovering from being poisoned with a nerve agent back in August 2020.

Russia: Protesters face fines & jail time amid unrest in Russia over Navalny arrest

He fell ill on a flight to Moscow and spent two days in a hospital in Omsk where doctors said they discovered no trace of any poison.

Navalny was then flown to Berlin's Charite hospital where experts confirmed with test results that the Soviet-era chemical nerve agent, Novichok, was found in the 44-year-old's system.

Associates of the Kremlin critic have reportedly asked those in support of his release to take to the streets and demand freedom.

A statement released by Moscow Police today then warned; "Attempts to hold unsanctioned public events, as well as any provocative actions on the part of their participants, will be regarded as a threat to public order and immediately suppressed."

The demonstrations are due to take place in cities across the country after the head of Mr. Navalny's Anti-Corruption Foundation said; "Putin is doing everything to intimidate you."

Navalny returned to Russia from Germany last Sunday just six months after the poisoning that almost took his life.

Many blamed the attack on the Kremlin and President Vladimir Putin, who strongly deny any involvement in the incident.

Following his arrest, a team working alongside Navalny released a video on YouTube detailing an investigation into a Black Sea property that is supposedly owned by Mr. Putin and is worth over 1 billion.

The video has racked up over 50 million views since its release earlier this week, however, a spokesperson for Putin has said the investigation is based on "lies."

Meanwhile, Russian investigators are preparing criminal files that will carry more than a decade behind bars if Navalny is charged.