PS5 Face Plates Now Available To Pre-Order

While gamers all over the world eagerly anticipate the release of the PS5, there has been a lot of chatter over what the console will look like.

Memes have consumed the internet after Sony revealed the sheer volume and size of the new gaming device, while tech insiders have blogged about how easily the machine can be broken down.

As far as we know, the console will only be released in the standard black and white format, but while Sony appears to have missed a trick in terms of announcing any other kind of limited-edition face plates, third party companies are hot on it.


A company called Plate Station is already taking pre-orders for its own custom made PS5 plates, which come in matte black, jungle camo, chromatic, indigo blue, and cherry red. Personally, I’d go with the chromatic.

They are said to be made out of ABS plastic, which is in line with ‘the premium industry standard’, and therefore fully heat resistant, while replicating the shape, size and thickness of the official PS5 face plates.

PS5 Face Plates Now Available To Pre-OrderPlate Station

The plates cost £32 ($39.99) each and come with free worldwide shipping, with the website claiming they aim to ‘process and dispatch all orders within two weeks of the PS5 launch date, to ensure your plates arrive on time.’

While the website doesn’t say whether it’s adhering to the US release date on November 12, or the UK release date on November 19, we can hope it’s the former.

PS5 Face Plates Now Available To Pre-OrderPlate Station

Plate Station has been careful to note that the products are unofficial and therefore not directly affiliated with PlayStation or Sony, however it has promised that all the plates will fit the device perfectly, or they will offer a full refund.

You can pre-order your face plates here.

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